Souljaboy name drops MVC in his newest song

Its frigging awful.
Soulja Boy - Anime // New Music // TheRundown.TV

as awful as the games?

This required a thread

That song is terribad.

fixed :slight_smile:

I like the part where he talks about anime.

Liking a show about a knight templar student who hangs out with Tim Curry’s Stand, an idol with ADD and bloodlust , and a manchild whose addicted to candy gives you mad cred dawg.

Anyone who listens to that shit should be publicly executed

Anyone who listens to this will WANT to die for there very drive of live will forever be stripped from them by the horridness which is this song.

That’s the ABSOLUTE worst thing I’ve ever heard!

This deserved its own thread.

I think the best way to get rid of Soulja Boy is to ignore him; make him irrelevant. Stop talking about him, stop making threads about him, and don’t even mention him in conversation. He’s a one-hit wonder with no talent, no skill, no craftsmanship. People like that generally erode away over time and become the laughing stock 10 years later. Just let him die out. The more we talk about him the more money he gets.