your Soul Mighty?


Hello everybody in the SRK community…first off let thank you for taking the time to look into this thread…

SoulMightyRecords is underground label which is just starting out and is looking for talent to put on its roster, SoulMighty does not discriminate as far as style,type or genre of music…as long its music… if you have anything that you would like to publish or simply put out there on whatever scale that may be feel free to contact SoulMighty at
As of now SoulMighty will be putting out original instrumentals produced and composed by SoulMighty…any and all feedback is welcome. To start things off Ive uploaded the first track on youtube via this link
also looking for lyricists and writers as SoulMighty lacks in that field.
Your time and attention is greatly appreciated.

…Is your Soul Mighty?


My soul is pretty mighty.


My soul is erect.

The soul is my penis.



I thought this thread would be about a record that SooMighty set. Now I’m pissed.


my soul is glowing


My soul.