Sound and video recording at ranbats

Hey guys,
Currently out our city’s ranbats we are usually a couple of DVD recorders to catch as many matches as we can then throw them on youtube. To generate hype though, we really need crowd noise and a bit of commentary. What do folks use to record their crowd sound? A simple camcorder on a tripod would work but it seems clumsy and the video is not necessary.

If anyone has any advice on just general editing on how they get things done, and what they use, that would be handy too.

You could take the video out from the arcade cabinet and the audio out from your camcorder or microphone and plug those into your DVD/DVR recorder separately.

You could also purchase a two-channel stereo mixer, plug in the direct line audio from the cabinet to one channel, and plug in the mono or stereo audio from your camcorder or microphone setup, and then run the master out into your DVD/DVR recorder.

Either way, make sure you get someone who knows what he or she is doing to set up the equipment, purchase said equipment, and before you commit to recording the fights, test record a match and see if the sound levels are good, if the mic is picking up too much noise, if the audio is in sync etc.

the simplest way it to get an mp3 player with voice recording(Creative or Iriver). and use it to record the crowd, then sync it in when in post production.

in california, we use a professional sound mixer that we lug to our big tournaments. We’re lucky enough to have a sound guy that recorded Metal bands.