Sound in Competitive Play

So I’m relatively new to the fighting game community (picked up MVC3 last April) and had a question about how much people rely on sound when playing at tournaments.

When practicing at home I always had the sound on and it was easy for me to hear assist calls and other audio cues. The first time I went out to play casuals I noticed I could barely hear those cues between the 4 other stations playing and people talking. I imagine it’s even worse in a tournament setting with hundreds of people and many more stations going.

I’ve now switched over to listening to music while playing because I don’t want to get used to sound then not have it in a tournament situation. It’s a pity though as I love the sound design in this game and my character themes are awesome (zero, nova, hawkeye).

What is everyone else’s philosophy on sound in competitive play?

You know, I never even thought about that. I always have the volume on low just because I often have roommates sleeping, so I miss out on hearing things like assist calls, and I’ve had people punish me on sound reaction before. I do see a lot of players playing with headphones on, and I never thought about them missing out on that tactic. But, if the sound is so bad in that setting as you say, maybe that’s why it’s not an issue.

if you really want sound when you play at tournies just use an Astro Mixamp and headphones. It’s a pretty neat gadget - it uses Dolby Surround and you can get surround sound with just headphones. I like it a lot.

You should never rely on sound for game cues. Tournaments are too loud for this to really be effective.

option 1. invest in expensive headsets
option 2. bring portable, but loud speakers and plug them in to the set up
option 3. play music

Closed ear headphones.

Turn up the TV. That usually drowns out the other stuff.

ideally you should be able to hear everything most importantly assist calls because punishing retarded calls on extremely safe (doom beam, strider kick, akuma tatsu kinda) is nigh impossible without hearing their point shout ASSISTANCE or the announcer shout “assist”

everything else is more or less moot but that factor by itself is incredibly important because being able to bop doom on reaction instead of by pure yomi is really important

seriously though doom beam in volumeless marvel 3 is ssssss++++++ tier because its still got that braindead vanilla marvel 3 shit where if you hit the point cleanly doom still comes out and blasts you because hes like 2 character lengths behind the point and then the point hits you (and kills you because they mashed assist instead of being punished for it)

I rely so little on sound that I have the voices turned off. I guess it’s just a matter of preference, but I can concentrate better without people screaming that they want me to die. I get it.

There were headphones at every station @ Devastation 2011.

When i play in tournaments i blast my battle music through headphones onl

i find when i play i tend to need the audio cues moreso than the visual ones. listening to the announcer yell ‘CROSSOVER!’ also helps greatly when trying to kill off a pesky assist. one thing ive found trickier when playing in public settings is being able to hear my hands on the stick pressing the buttons. after a lot of repetetions of doing dante combos you start to use the rythm made by pressing the buttons the same way every time (really helps when doing bold cancels) to help keep the pace of the combo. a few times ive been able to pull off extended combos without actually looking at the screen and just using audio and muscle memory to do it.

times ive been forced to play without sound have been a real struggle for me. id almost rather just put the game down than carry on. hitting links and combos is for sure easy when you can actually hear exactly when the hits connect.

ASUS monitor has godlike response time but the audio sux, u cant really hear anything at a tournament.

hearing assist calls are crucial.

man I need to play with sound because its kinda hard for me to tell if they called an assist or not like strider’s or the doom missiles

When I can’t hear assist calls, sometimes I watch the A1/A2 next to their life bars and when they go dark it means they called an assist and I go for the happy bday. Moving my focus point away from their character is bad though, so I really only do it when they get predictable with their assists and I know it’s coming and look at the A1/A2 to find the exact moment to punish.

I respond heavily to sound, especially regarding assist call.

I have my trigger hands on Bionic Arm and Hyper Sentinel Force when I hear the assist announcer.

I just use headphones now… I train in silence due to hitting tourneys weekly and realising audio cues become useless when you know the situations people tend to call assists in… anyways learn to use visual cues such as the life bars going darker when a assist is called