Sound in SFV

Do you guys listen to in game audio in SFV?
Are the audio cues that important?

Varies wildly between people. There are some things where audio cue is the only way to tell the difference between things, like to know if you just blocked lauras light or medium shoulder.

Actually, the visual difference is fairly highly pronounces; the medium shoulder has a higher elbow angle, whereas light is lower.

I can’t play without hearing the sounds; whether or not it ACTUALLY helps me, probably not; it’s just my own tick.

I play with sounds always because I feel it kinda helps me to focus more on the game. It’s not really for specific cues, it’s more about an overall feeling.

I can’t hit confirm with sound off.

I just mash jab into combo string regardless since they’re all negative. She either gets frame trapped if she did the light one or comboed if she did the medium one.

Yeah, audio cues are super important to me. Anything that helps me better perceive what’s happening on the screen is a friend of mine.

Nope. I play these games so much I get sick of the sounds and I’ll usually play my own music with the in-game music muted.