Sound Mixer Help

So I bought a new sound mixer And I ran into a problem.

What I am doing is I am hooking up two microphones and a game console to it, I have 4 component to 1/4th mono adapters, and 3 1/8th to 1/4th stereo adapters. 2 component adapters are plugged into 3/4 input (which the game console audio is hooked up to), and 2 hooked up to main out, and the mainout (which is hooked up to my capture card). Now one 1/8th is in phones so we can hear game audio without doubling (so the headphone jack of the headset is plugged into that), and then the other 1/8th are plugged into 1 and 2 and the microphones of the headsets are plugged into those. Now the problem is that I am getting now sound going into the 1 and 2 from the mics, the game audio and output are working fine, as well as I have tested the 1 and 2 ports with the game audio and they do in fact work.

Now I have a pretty good idea about what is wrong, and that is there is no power provided to the microphones on the 1 and 2 1/4th ports. Phantom Power only goes to XLR (and is way too high of a voltage anyway I am pretty sure) so now I need a creative solution to get power to the microphones. Does anyone have any ideas? I really would like to be able to buy something and not have to wire this myself although I can already map out how I would wire an altoids box to do this…

By the way these are the headsets I am using

Any help would be much appreciated thanks :slight_smile:

I’m sure I’ve seen inline power injectors for Microphones. Will have a look online when I get back tonight.

Yes, the size of the connection is wrong, but the idea is right…

Hmm thanks, from that I found this which looks promising.

I don’t really need stereo do I?
I wish I could find something like this, but from a US seller…Also because I would need to buy foreign batteries as well…

More than likely you’ll need something like a low-to-high impedance transformer for your headset. Mismatching impedance could damage your hardware and will most certainly sound like butt. I’m not aware of any kind that go 1/8" to 1/4" or XLR though.

I own a older version of that mixer. What you can do is to adjust the black gain knobs below the jack holes where you plugged in your mics w/adapters. From there you can adjust the gain from line level to a mic level. You still might need to turn up the white knob to get it higher but it will be a little louder than before. DO NOT use the phantom power while those mics are plugged in. You will burn them out over time if you keep it on. That adapter should work but try the gain knobs first to see how far you can get it with out the adapter. Good luck.