Sound off, who got their name sniped at launch?

Curious because I’m seeing this EVERYWHERE. I know I saw more but I can think of 3 major faces who got theirs taken


Justin wong mentioned that he played against lowtiergod and it turns out it’s not LTG. I can’t remember for sure, but I think Ricki said her’s was taken, I’m guessing it was HelloKittyRicky (maybe with an “i” now, I dunno).

Mine was taken. In all fairness, Eternal is hardly a super original name online and it’s probably a coincidence unlike the above ones. Genistar mentioned his was taken, I remember that. So who else had to go for an alt?

I always have a few alts ready…after my name got swiped on years ago.

My nickname is invincible wherever I try to register

Logged in the second it went live in Europe to grab Freddie :slight_smile:

I wanted Fred, but that was too short.

Unless Jonathan Wendel turns 93 years old and learns Russian. Then you’re fucked.

uh , so how do you register several names?

Not sure I even understand what you are asking. Are you saying you had multiple alt names taken? Or are you asking how Geese Pants has several alts? If the latter, than the answer is that he has several backup names if one is taken. Not that he has multiple accounts, but many different names he can choose from when registering.

Basically he was saying the same thing most people already do. The thread was for if your main name, the one you are most known by, got snatched up on launch day.

Good thing nobody took DarkMenstrual

I was thinkin bout this when i was bout 2 create my name, not gonna lie i woulda been pissed if it was taken.

I get it cause its cross platform they have 2 do this but its kinda annoying having to message someone already on ur friend list 2 ask them wat there name is on the server

The system sniped mine by requiring 6 characters, luckily my backup was still available :bee:

I lost out on MrWindupBird, so I changed it to MrWindup13ird. More numbers = more skill, right?

Fortunately I came up with about 100 R. Mika themed names just in case. I was lucky enough to get my first choice despite sharing 50 names on the forums. Thanks on part to Capcom wiping the servers just before launch and being in the UK so I got access to the digital download before the gringos came along and fcked up the network.

I wish they did something like Blizzard does with IDs. You can have thousands of people with the same name no problem, just add a number after it that can be hidden.

I got the name I wanted though. Woo woo.

If you’re not someone famous and got your name taken, then that means you’re not very creative or you’re a clone. <3

Mine wasn’t sniped but the naming system doesn’t let me have two "L"s in Hellsing.

I played against a Final_Cut69. Or something like that. I made sure to get my name in there ASAP. I laughed at the name though.

It wouldn’t let me pick “SlutHumper69” which is basically the same thing as being sniped

My name got sniped by the character restriction.

Same problem with just plain old tibbs.

My name is too feminine to be sniped. No self respecting male will take for themselves