Sound out of sync with HDMI

My brother has started noticing a sync issue with his PS3( HDMI). It only happens ever so oftern. He will be playing a game for a while and the sound will be fine then exit to the menu and it at least 1 second out of sync. It has also happened as soon as he booted up the PS3 and when watching some dvds.

Im really sure what the problem can be. I dont know if its the T.V, HDMI cable, or some type of configuration. He also has a wii hooked up with component but doesnt seem to have any problems with that.

thats wild I use hdmi with my ps3 and no sound prob as of yet

What is your setup configuration? Most likely, it has something to do with your receiver not recognizing the LPCM stream, as that is a common problem that can be resolved through playing around with your settings.

Yeah, I know. I use HDMI on mine and it flawless. I starting to think it might be his cheap little LCD tv.

Im not exactly sure what his configuration settings are ill have to check them out