Sounds like a pain in the ass: Venezuela hit by toilet roll shortage

Well, here’s hoping this sticky situation can be cleaned up quickly before the shit hits the fan.

They are gonna be stuck using the old, hand swipe through the ass crack, clean in sink , repeat. method.

LOL ^ He doesn’t know how to use the 3 seashells.


Those 50 Million rolls better be Charmin toilet paper. That’s the least you could do as a government…

Its going to be some off brand Tp that destroys anuses. It’ll teach those ungrateful fucks to complain about lack of TP.

Why do I suspect that googling that will actually lead me to find some weirdo who has seen that, tried stuff out and written a guide to how to clean your ass with 3 seashells?

This Revolution

will not be televised.

Sorry Million.

That’s just things roll sometimes…

I mean its not like they can wipe out all the trees, but the government will come up with a underhanded solution

they need to take a hands on approach and talk to Don Cheadle as captain planet