Soundtrack to Evo2k4 Trailer

Hey all,

I have a slightly odd request regarding the 2004 DVD Trailer. I am wondering if anyone could tell me the song name(s) that feature in that clip?

This has been buggin me for a while, i am hoping someone out there knows!



It’s some remix of Ayumi Hamasaki’s song “Evolution” but I don’t know wich remix it is. Ayu Can Hear You or somehting I think but im not sure
Anybody who knows?

Its on itunes…

Ayumi Hamasaki <----Artist
Never Ever <----Album
Evolution (Ayu Can Hear U Mix) <—Song

I have it label as Evo mix on my comp I couldn’t figure out the real name either so I was like fuck it Imma just call it the EVO mix lol