Souped for NGBC?

I’m surprised that there isn’t at least one thread of excited fans with Neo Geo Battle Coliseum coming to 360 so soon.

I’m pretty souped. Can’t wait to whoop my friend’s ass with some Hotaru/Rock action.

Are the graphics HD in this release?

Definitly getting this, also hoping to see kofXI get this treatment in the future.

I still got my ps2 copies of these but without netplay theirs no point.

KOF Subforum. Yes, I am. Finally get to play this game on a competitive level like I wanted to years ago.

Neo Geo Battle Coliseum!!!

As you all know NGBC is coming to the XBLA in a few days. Aside from expecting shitty netcode, anyone plan on having a good time?

Oh HELLLLLL YESSSSSS!!! NOT EVEN A QUESTION! I’ll be downloading that shit when the clock strikes midnight Tuesday night/Wednesday morning!!! (Unless it doesn’t work that way lol)

Is the online disagreeable, then the good times can not be safe.

I already got this for super-cheap on PS2, so I don’t see myself getting this unless they fix the netcode from every other XBLA release SNK has done.

Playing Metal Slug XX online tells me that is likely to be a ‘no.’

Anyone planning on I dunno… posting in the already existing NGBC thread? No. Didn’t think so.

NOOOOOO!!! Just went on to XBL to check if it was already uploaded and it wasn’t… Does anyone happen to know if there is a specific time for XBLA uploads on release day?

5:01am EST

Thank you so much!!!

EDIT: Gahh, apparently not today, though :frowning: I wanted to be the first person in the world to download it haha!

Its up now, il wait it out till some ppl test out the netcode.

the netcode is good


Edit: Just want to suggest (even though it’s obvious) let’s see some youtube vids of online play.

Yeah, I need a netcode check on this f’real.

im playing euros and i feel no delay (180ms). its very good actually.
EDIT:OMFG just played japanese guy with 210 ms with NO FUCKING LAG… wtf is this??


You better not be trolling dude. Because I eat my words, I eat them up.

everyone who has gotten a copy, post impressions of netplay now. that is, if you want more people like me to netplay with

hey no trolling about the netcode snk always manages to do something to fuck up console ports worth getting hype about