Souped for NGBC?



This is the best SNK XBLA Netcode since Samurai Showdown II


hmm it seems sort of inconsistant… just played this new zealander who had like 140ms and it wasnt good but i think thats just an isolated incident


or maybe its host advantage the same as every other snk xbla game? play with another poster please


hearing good netcode is making me want to rob someone for money to buy points.

I really want to revisit this game and hearing good nectode is making me very happy.


Just did like 10 games with someone I found on quick match. I’m no expert at spotting dropped inputs or the like but it ran pretty dam smooth from my end, was a lot of fun.


mycah and rogueyoshi plz play some games together wanna find out if its host advantage or not


Rougeyoshi beat my ass in like 10 different ways but was smooth on my end/ a lot of fun lol


smooth here too


Good netcode?



everyone in this thread fight everyone else in this thread. when I come back tonight, I want graphs and numbers.


Don’t remember the number of fights me and rogueyoshi just had but it was smooth on my end(I wasn’t host btw) throughout. This game is fun as hell.


I need to learn this joint


Good netcode in an SNK game? Will wonders never cease?


I really want to get into this game but afraid of the netcode. SNK has a horrible track record when it comes to this. Can anyone post some impressions?


They only fucked up the 3 games that came out in 2009

Mark of the Wolves
KOF '98: Ultimate Match

Enough already folks - Before 2009 SNK was known to have some of the best netcode - KOF '03, NeoWave, Fatal Fury Special, SamSho II, etc.


My favorite fighting game ever is released on a current-generation platform with fantastic netcode.
My 360 died several months ago.
All I have left is a PlayStation 3.

Fuck. My. Life.


Dude…that would be TOO SMART. This is SRK, we gotta do it SSA SDRAWKCAB.


Just saw this today on clearance at Toys R Us for $5. Was tempted to grab that and King of Fighters XI (also for $5, both PS2) but I don’t have a PS2 fightstick so I thought better of it. But yeah, Xbox Live. Gonna be sweet.


Got to play a few rounds. one with 182 ms and one with about 300 ms. At best its perfect, there is more noticable input drops at times but the play was smooth all around, especially on the 182 ms match. def will try more with closer/farther opponents later.


what are the lobby options like? Can i filter out 6 player rooms or sort by ping?