Souper Bowl Fight Nights in Lowell, MA - Restaurant Close until further notice



Souper Bowl
1733 Middlesex Street
Lowell, MA, 01852

Starts at 7:30pm
Ends around 11pm-12am

One of the main reasons I closed my doors for TW Thursdays was the fact that my house was getting way to crowded each Thursday and it got pretty uncomfortable.

But after hosting some tournaments at the Souper Bowl, Peter has really taken a shine to the Street Fighter community and wants to have a casual night on top of the tournaments.

So come down every Wednesday (I’ll let you know if it’s every canceled any particular week)

NOTE: Peter also asks no one brings outside foods or drinks into the restaurant, it makes him look bad! Hope you understand that. If you want taco bell, eat it at the T-Bell or something!

Other Fight Nights in New England: (Look to their respective threads for more info)


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  • Souper Bowl Restaurant - Lowell, MA


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This Thursday (6/17) is the first session:

So far we have three setups:
3 CRTs
2 PS3s + SSFIV
1 360 + SSFIV

I have 1 PS3 stick and 1 SE 360 stick with sanwa buttons. Please bring your sticks/controllers as we may need them (but we may not)


See you there folks


Thanks to everyone who came out!

Lets get more people out here


I think I’ll go tomorrow (the 24th)! Need to get ready for Evo. Awesome that you and Peter are doing this.


Glad to hear it, I’ll be at the Souper Bowl this Thursday around 7:30 til whenever.


im goin


By the way, anyone who can bring a setup feel free to! I think initially we only have 3. I bring two TV’s, 1ps3, 1xbox and peter always has 1 TV and 1 PS3.

And peter has food specials for these events:

($0.50 Chicken Wings, Crab Rangoons, Eggrolls, Chicken Fingers - $7 Large Pho)


Me and efull bao will be there tonight


just wanted to say thanks, had a good time, sick venue

and megaman music at 12 is always a plus


Good games, good venue! I’m planning to go again on the 1st of July. It’d be cool to do a quick cash tournament to help us get ready for Evo! Would do the trick, even if it were only $2 or something.


It’s crunch time for EVO. Souper Bowl Fight Night is on.


Cant make it tonight. My work is screwing me because im taking a week off for Evo so I’m working 4-9 tonight and tomorrow


Damn man, can’t even play friday?

You going to walls sat?


Its either go to walls or an enormous city wide party in quincy. Kinda tough. Friday I mean I could try and make it to GU. We’ll see. Friday I have a better opportunity to leave early (8 or 830) because I wont be working with my manager like tonight. Im dying to play though. I think my record vs online gens is 0-100


Wtf, like they beat you??

and city wide party sounds pretty nicehaha.


yeah online gen tears me up. turbo gens are kinda godlike in doing the most random shit possible at the best possible time.


you’re not the boss of me


Theyre pretty godlike, gotta say. Someone hit me with some random fadc combo juggle into ultra 1 and it did like NOTHING. I still lost.


Fight Night Tonight, bring your sticks and an empty stomach!