Souper Bowl Fight Nights in Lowell, MA - Restaurant Close until further notice

Yea I found some cheap microphones! I haven’t purchased them yet, but I will before sunday!

I appreciate the offer/help though, you’re too kind!

has dan not uploaded or updated any danisen league from last friday or what? i definitely played a whole shit ton of matches.

Nope, I didn’t get anything! I’ll ask him again though, I forgot I had asked him for that last week.

those lazy gief players…

Yesterdays Tournament Results

Next Souper Bowl:

I’m so prepared.

Hey Asiantom is Gridman,Weaksauc3 or LuckyD gonna be in the next SB cause I’ve been waiting to face them or a least one of them.

hey Kge2807 who are u man

I’m just a random guy that just wants to face some of the best in MA, I want to level up my game that’s all.My goal is to be a very good player so I can go to tournaments and face other good players.

Dudeee, they’re at all my tournaments because we’re bros, bro.
Seriously, they’re always at the SB on tournament day. You can also find them on Wednesday’s Fight Night at the Souper Bowl. weaksauce/gridman aren’t at SB on wednesdays too much, but they could be. LuckyD is there sometimes too. CP, undoubtedly New Englands best Ken, is at Wednesdays more than not.

Also, Friday Nights at Game Underground in Framingham, you can usually find weaksauce/gridman there and LuckyD hosts it so he’ll definitely be there.

Tuesdays, you could go to GU too to fight LuckyD, or you could go to New Hampshire to Pinball wizard and fight guys like Noobtron and Richard. NH’s finest!

You just gotta get out there :stuck_out_tongue:

Bruins game 7 tomorrow at souperbowl shit is going to be hype

Hey Cecil here.

The drive to MA or anywhere like SB is 1-2 hours for me, so if I were to go I’m wondering if you guys ever hold something on the weekends (when I’m not busy working), like Friday, or Saturday.

Also there is probably going to be sessions on Fridays in the Hartford area, feel free to come down. There’s restaurants and convenient stores right down the street.

GU casual fight nights is on Fridays, GU also a tournament this Saturday.

god damn, i still feel lost Orz

@tom: address/link? Ill look for it later but if you get it leme no pls. :slight_smile:

Does Mass crew go, same one as Souper Bowl crew?

Can’t find an address to Game Underground? It’s right here
Read this post, bro. All the links to the casuals in Massachusetts and NH. I think I’m missing gamedux in boston, but you should easily be able to find it.

There are a lot of RI/MA players who go to GU and there are a handful of NH/MA players that go to Souper Bowl. You’ll find good players at both.

Nice, thanks a lot Tom. I’m gonna see if Domo and some other peeps want to carpool.

i like this

AE, Stream, stuff, were on!