Souper Bowl Fight Nights in Lowell, MA - Restaurant Close until further notice

It’s on tonight, if you can bring a setup that’d be cool. I think we’ll have 3.

Most likely won’t be at the Souper Bowl Tonight. Peter hasn’t gotten back to me if people are going to be there, so I’m not sure if anyone wants to venture out for possibly nothing.

Peter said he’ll still have a fight night. Feel free to drop by if you guys want to, but you’ll have to bring your own setups. They have 3 tvs at the souper bowl.

Yo Lowell.

NH Tournament this weekend.

Hope people make it to the Tournament in NH this weekend, I’ll be streaming.

ALSO, there is a fight night tonight at the SB, but being a tired baby, I won’t be in attendance this week. Everyone feel free to bring setups and sticks though because people should still be there.

what time things gonna get started tonight? I’ll be coming down but I got work early tomorrow morning so my times kinda limited. I know it usually only runs til midnight anyway but I might be heading out at 11 or 11:30

drunk commentary by CB? GET FUCKING FAMILIAR

I don’t know! I usually get there around 7:30 and I feel like people don’t show up until around 8.

have fun if you do go.

Next tournament date announced right after Summerjam!

Fight Night tonight at the Souper Bowl! Probably no Danisen League. Gonna start it back up soon, but waiting on some new tech :wink:

I’m only going to post here when fight night isn’t on because i’m on my 4th consecutive post.

Fight Night is on and I’ll let you know when it’s not :wink:

Hey you guys coming down to the tourney this sunday in CT?

You guys are down in Gaming ETC? I went two years ago, I really liked the place. I think its a 2-3 hour drive for me but I’ll try to organize a trip down there with some of the other dudes.

yea dude 555 lordship blvd stratford ct

would love to see you guys come down

I’ll probably be at fight night this week cuz I’m working Wilmington

Oh wait I’m actually at Tewkesbury but ill still come by probably

So then fight night is on for tomorrow? :slight_smile: I want to go.

yep there will be

3rd Strike Tonight at the Souper Bowl because it’s trending again