Souper Bowl in Lowell, MA 3/27 RESULTS


SSFIV Singles:

1 LuckyD
2 DMG Gridman
3 Remy Bleu
4 DMG weaksauc3
5 CP
5 Ignizshun
7 Noobtron
7 BlueNINE
9 Merkilo
9 Essex
9 Cheeseburger
9 ill will
13 T-H8 Vigilante
13 Weaponer
13 Eighty
13 Godhand
17 SuperJ
17 J5
17 Gill Hustle
17 Clo4ked
17 Focus Attack
17 John V
17 Fade Dash
17 CCG.Dusty Feets
25 Kryonik
25 Freebird
25 Amar
25 Jjuice

MVC3 Singles

1 Seiya
2 ill will
3 Ryan Truman
4 Siyko
5 Jjuice
5 Prime Time
7 Essex
7 Merkilo
9 Paul S
9 RushedDown
9 Fade Dash
9 WhiteShadow
13 Cheeseburger
13 Kryonik
13 Eighty
13 Saul
17 JPN Katsu Hayami
17 MrSleeps
17 Effullbao
17 Souper Bowl
17 Gill Hustle
17 Oron
17 P
17 John the Greek
25 CCG.Dusty Feets
25 Godhand
25 Nappy Headed Shadow
25 Kobe Bryant
25 Plot Armor

MVC3 Teams

1 4ocious (RushedDown, Jjuice, ill will)
2 TGF (CP, LuckyD, Seiya)
3 7 Gram Rocks (Saul, John the Greek, Prime Time)
4 Triple Phoenix
5 Stupid
5 Hustle
7 Single Female Lawyer
7 We Came Here Alone
9 Level Up Slap
9 Pap Pap
9 White Shadow and Friends
9 Delvis

Congratulations to all the winners!
Thanks for everyone coming out on a 1.5+ hr drive.
Thanks to LuckyD for streaming.

I can’t take much credit for mvc3 teams or singles, Joey and ill will ran all that, thanks!

Marvel actually had 29 entrants (I thought it was 28 - so I owe seiya, will [$4 each for the split] and ryan [$1])


Sorry we didn’t do Bomberman, we’ll try again next time?


it’s gMb.SEIYA btw.

and i don’t appreciate you ripping me off for $4 but i will oversee this mistake because you are my friend.

1 more for the 09ers !.. wooo ! represent new blood!


woooah hype


Thanks to tom for hosting and running and illwill for running teams. Had a good time again and ggs to everyone I played.


Ggs to everyone! Stream went great, its all archived, so today Im gonna try to get it all online, we’ll see how that goes


Mucho gratitude and appreciation to both the hosts and participants; always a good time! Thanks to sleeps for carrying us in teams. Good shit all around.


i had fun

shoutouts to seiya for telling his team they werent doing any of the work and for taking an additional 2 dollars from their winnings


i love all of the strategy in marvel it is truly great for fighting games and is never just a headache to watch so i would like to thank capcom for producing a marvelous game.

its also got some cool cambos


yeaaaaah budddy!

edit*: also boo to RI’ers for saying theyd get out. 1hr 15 drive you guys are killing me, as of this tourney publicly announcing I rep MA now. so boo to you slackers.

Dan post up the stream their were some great matches :slight_smile:


Ustream doesn’t do that automatically? Time to switch to Justin.TV. :d

from what I seen on stream, great turnout and action. Sad I couldn’t make it. I’ll be at the next GU tournament though! Props to the winners and whatnot. See you all next time.


yo Dom im gald you came out but ppl miss tourneys it happens

im not sure which RI’ers your talking about but I know a few RI guys who have attended almost every SB tourney in the past and even some of the SB fight nights too


Quick thing on the stream
Ustream does, but for some reason It doesnt allow me atm to auto archive. I DO HAVE ALL THE MATCHES on my laptop, which im editing as we speak. But its 9 hrs of footage, so it may take a moment. Matches will be up!


GGs to everybody who came out!! Thanks tom for runnin stuff and good to see the legend himself BrainYi

Good to see people playin marvel. Mahhhhvel


Tourney was fun fun fun fun you know what it is


Good shit D. Any vids?


ggs to everyone I played. It was nice seeing everyone from mass again hopefully I can make the drive to the next one. Saw some new technology in marvel that I never saw before good stuff.


damn aiight, it was part of the streetryder crew I was just disappointed at them lol.


ggs fun times.


So itll be organzed and cut down buttt

Lucky D's Stream on

this has the first 4 hours, all Super and the very beginning of MVC3.


Good stuff Fortunate Daniel, thanks for setting that up, very awesome of you sir!