Souper Bowl Monthly - 12/12/2010 RESULTS


SSFIV Singles

1 Kevin “dieminion” Landon (EMP)
2 Andr`e “JAGO” Lambert (EMP)
3 Rob “WeakSauc3” Stevens (DMG)
4 Daniel “LuckyD” Lehmann
5 Craig “gridman” Stevens
5 Michael “Merkilo” Borchelt
7 Chris “CP” Pereira
7 Vigilante
9 Rich A
9 Alex “blueNINE” Smith
9 Tom “asiantom” Hoang
9 Noobtron
13 Sittipong “Mr. Dash” Sayphrarath
13 Gysbert
13 Will F
13 Da
17 GenMuc
17 MecDobby
17 Dread Lord
17 yah-yass
17 MoxManiac
17 Ninevolt
17 Sol
17 MrSleeps
25 Dusty Feets
25 white shadow
25 J5.mpg


  1. EMP (Andre [Dictator] & Dieminion [Guile])
  2. TGF (CP [Ken] & LuckyD [Dhalsim])
  3. Beast Coast (Sittipong [Balrog] & Sol [Ryu])

HDR Singles

1 Craig “gridman” Stevens
2 Chris “CP” Pereira
3 effullbao
4 Sol
5 Michael “Merkilo” Borchelt
5 MoxManiac
7 Vigilante
7 Dusty Feets
9 Noobtron
9 Dread Lord

Thanks for coming out as always. GS to Dieminion and Andre for coming all the way out here.

Hopefully attendance picks up after the New Year


GG’s to all


Didn’t do so hot at this tournament, but I had fun like always. Looking forward to the next one. Maybe by then I’ll have my streaming equipment ready for some HD streaming. :]


ggs to everyone, post NEC syndrome…must take…break…from ssf4… ahhhh training mode


fun tourney as always, ggs guys and gs to andre and dieminion for coming out

nec and weather probably effected attendance but I know that personally NEC has re-ignited my fighting game spirit!


Sorry for such a late post. GG’s to everyone and we’ll try to make the next big tourney you guys have!