Souper Bowl Results for 2/20/11

Marvel vs Capcom 3

1 H8 illwill 28 $114.00
2 Mike “seiya” 13 $57.00
3 Phoenix Ivan 21 $19.00
4 Sol
5 Alex “blueNINE” Smith
5 Rob “WeakSauc3” Stevens (DMG)
7 Michael “Merkilo” Borchelt
7 Xeriak
9 Tyler
9 Gabe “BRN” Ong
9 TH8 Korean DJ
9 Rich A
13 Chris “Tubsy” Ong
13 Noobtron
13 Victormaru
13 superj
17 Caucasian Tom
17 Savean “Buddha’s Weapon” So
17 CMX
17 KomradeKraig
17 Souper Bowl
17 Kreo
17 Katsu Hayami
17 Gill Hustle
25 Chris “CP” Pereira
25 Ryan Truman
25 Sittipong “Mr. Dash” Sayphrarath
25 BM
25 Icy Koolah
25 Daniel “LuckyD” Lehmann
25 Ewic
25 Tsaikotyk
33 Vigilante TH8
33 Dusty Feets
33 Tom “asiantom” Hoang
33 Carson
33 Newblood
33 Jjuice


1 Craig “gridman” Stevens $81.00
2 Rob “WeakSauc3” Stevens (DMG) $27.00
3 Daniel “LuckyD” Lehmann $13.50
4 Rich A
5 Chris “CP” Pereira
5 Noobtron
7 Alex “blueNINE” Smith
7 Domo
9 Michael “Merkilo” Borchelt
9 Tom “asiantom” Hoang
9 Will F
9 Savean “Buddha’s Weapon” So
13 Trance
13 CMX
13 Vigilante TH8
13 BM
17 Sittipong “Mr. Dash” Sayphrarath
17 Ewic
17 Dusty Feets
17 Focus Attack
17 Kunai Kidd
17 Gill Hustle
17 Tyler
17 RB
25 KomradeKraig
25 J5.mpg
25 Caucasian Tom
25 bye
25 bye
25 bye
25 bye

(4 people dropped after tournament began, so anyone who faced them first round was given a bye - tonamento didn’t allow them to be removed)

Thanks for coming out and playing, been a while since we’ve had over 25 players. Next tournament, we’re bumping mvc3 to $10 and super will still be $5 (all subject to change). Super is $5 because no one was entering it before and the only reason anyone came to this tournament was for marvel and they only enter super because it was only $5. Pretty sad, but it’s fact.

I’m making an announcement about the next tournament. Peter’s Dad had an idea about the next tournament I have to run by you all. It’s really unorthodox.

Great tournament. I’m looking forward to the next one.

And Tom, some people actually did come mostly (or entirely) for Super IV, or at least for both games, even if it seemed otherwise. MvC3 is crack, but I came to enter both games.

Ggs to everyone who came and ggs to everyone i played. Souperbowl tourneys r gdlk because the pho is so good. If you havent tried it next time youre there grab yourself a bowl.

Marvel was fun i hope everyone comes put for the next one!

Thanks again to tom for running it. I know its a bitch to run a tourney. Also could you add H8 to the front of my name thanks friender.

mvc3 is trash. once people realize that theyre only playing it cuz its new theyll go back to super. but if super is gonna be $5 thats retarded. why would people roll the dice on a brand new game (marvel 3) but not something theyre actually experienced in? whatever

also robs not the only one in dmg but again whatever.

i think the DMG part is auto posted in the tonamento results and tom just copy/pastes it. you have to edit your profile on tonamento (takes 2 minutes) and add that you’re with DMG.

also 10$ marvel but 5$ super? lol looks like that was my last mvc3 tourney.

can you put gMb in front of my name ?

^^ the man

have a vote and come back to me, i personally don’t care I’m just doing what will get the most people to tournaments. I probably won’t enter for 5 or 10 anymore. It’ll be easier for me to run if I don’t have to enter and I’m pretty sure after basically a year of losing to the same people in street fighter, I don’t really have an interest anymore and I’m not going to get any better. Oh well. But unlike other TWs, i’m not going to pay month after month for something I’m 100% going to lose.

So I guess I’ll roll the dice in a new game than maybe I can random myself to money. If that bother people so much, I’ll make SSFIV’s pot a gaurenteed $10 of my money.

Bottom line is have fucking vote for what price pots should be instead of bitching to me about the game.

In fact, don’t even talk about the games or their mechanics, strictly the prizing structure.

Thanks for running the tournament asiantom, you get a lot out of it.

my vote:

$10 MvC3
$5 SSF4

ssf4/souperbowl attendance has been on the decline and mvc3 has brought it back up

hey man, just cause i said the games trash doesnt mean your trash. sorry i voiced my opinion on something and you took it to heart when i called marvel trash, not the tournies that you run are trash nor that you asian tom are trash.

I didn’t think you called me trash though.

your post came off as if i did though

When I reread it I don’t think so, I was saying what I thought of myself in SF and about my tournaments. I don’t think I mentioned what you thought of me.

Seriously though, just vote about the prizing structure.

marvel 5 / super 5
marvel 10 / super 10

Lol gdlk bait. But before u hate on me ur right mvc sux n super4 is on ST level as the epitome of a great game. U still my homie tho

Again thanx tom for runnin it i kno its hard. And dont give up in sf if u like it. The whole point is to beat people who keep beating you. If it was easy everyone would do it.

will you know i aint hatin you cause i know youre not a bum when it comes to the marvel series. i just def think mvc3 is pretty trashy. 100% combos shouldnt be found when the game isnt even released.

I kno u aint hatin on me bro. All games have annoyin bs just gotta push thru. I just dig the game fast and cheap like i like it.

Thanks for hosting the tourney Tom, always fun to see you guys again. I’m not gonna post much about the prize structure since you know i hardly go to tournies anyways…but if i do go, i’d do $10 for both games.

And all im gonna say about MvC3 is that it’s a fun game…it’s fun because of how broken it is.

i got nothing but love for your tourneys, tom. they are always a good time and flow pretty smoothly. I also love the stream (but wish it was recorded so I could watch things I missed) and the big tv in the corner so at least one setup’s matches can be seen from anywhere in the place. I wish I could make it to more because I just enjoy playing games with people and chatting about the game engines and witnessing the hype. With respect to the entrance $$$ I would let the market dictate that. If more people will come out for marvel then that’s your draw. Since it is new and exciting the best bet to get people to show up is probably to make it the headliner at $10 and then do either $5 or $10 for ssf4 depending on how the community responds.

also, one character in a 3v3 game is really only, roughly, 1/3 of your health for the round. I’m sure everybody who would come to this thread knows combos in other games that do that same kind of damage or substantially more. And these days, with the amount of people out there hitting the lab hard and being able to post up their videos on youtube for everybody to see, the infancy of a game can go by pretty quickly. of course, this really isn’t the place to discuss whether or not X game is good or bad.

ggs to those i played. matches were fun. CP, I wanna see that zero soon. also, ill will, i’m totally stealing that fly mode crossup j.L with sentinel from you. too good.

AsianTom I vote for $5 for both tourney’s.

If I may suggest why don’t you charge an extra $2 on top of the venue fee? That way your getting something for all the work that you are doing and Souper Bowl still gets their venue fee. I don’t see anything wrong with the TO getting more than just a “Thank you” with all the work any TO puts into running a tourney. I personally think this should be a standard for any TO to ask for since they do alot of work and it’s mostly done on their own.

import random

standard_fee = 5
fee_range = 2

venue_fee = lambda: standard_fee - fee_range + random.random() * (2 * fee_range)