Souper Bowl SFIV Tournament FULL RESULTS

First Souper Bowl Tournament complete!

I really hope everyone had a good time, enjoyed the food, the company and the games.
I did my best to seed the tournament but next time I’ll be making a better effort to get my internet working to use tonamento.

Thanks for everyone who came out and supported myself and the Souper Bowl restaurant. Peter (the owner of the restaurant) really wants to start having these more often which I’d be more than happy to organize. If you have any feedback for me leave it here so hopefully things can be run that much better. Any feedback at all.

Congratulations to Rob and Paul for getting first in teams and 1st & 2nd in singles.

Look out for the next one and I hope you’re all still hyped to come out again. AND SUPPORT THE SOUPER BOWL RESTAURANT IN LOWELL, MA!

Singles SFIV (44 Participants, $10 entry)

1 WeakSauc3 (Sagat): $308.00
2 Paul Wall (Rufus, Gouki): $88.00
3 asiantom (Gen): $44.00
4 bwiyon (Honda, Boxer, Gief)
5 Remy Bleu (Ryu)
5 CP (Ken)
7 OmegAsit
7 Ssaico
9 Trance
9 NH Rich
9 LuckyD
9 Ryan
13 Mr. Dash
13 Saya
13 Jason
13 Scott
17 Spyda
17 Blue9
17 Merkilo
17 BlackAlpha
17 Tubsy3
17 B
17 Jimmy Le
17 jim
25 Krondak
25 Steven Trinh
25 Will F
25 Kona
25 Ryan Truman
25 Jimmy
25 PJ
25 Josue
33 LB-Chaos
33 Tony
33 Da
33 Tuan
33 Rath
33 Henry
33 Dusty Feets
33 Ammara
33 Pumperjam
33 Sith Ron
33 Andrae
33 Ratnak

Teams SFIV (23 Teams, $10 entry)

1 Team H8 (Paul Wall [Rufus] & weaksauc3 [Sagat]) : $161.00
2 Gen Master (asiantom [Gen] & CP [Ken]) : $46.00
3 Great Friends (LuckyD [Dhalsim] & Tubsy3 [Zangief]): $23.00
4 Team Bleu (Trance [Boxer] & Remy Bleu [Ryu]
5 NH’s Finest (NH Rich [Dictator] & Will F [Sagat])
5 Mayday-Mayday
7 K-Dash
7 5 Minutes
9 Angry Squirrels
9 Jimmy and Jason
9 Baby Time
9 Udupi
13 Market Baset Killers
13 Monorail
13 Live or Die
13 Sidewinder
17 D.R
17 Free Win
17 M. Gief
17 LBChoas and Krondak
17 Team Manchester
17 Team unicorn
25 Asia

GG every one

Good shit, need more of these around here.

thx to the jerkoff that stole the owner’s pad. you almost ruined it for the rest of us. :mad:

Haha for real. I gave Peter one of my pads, it sucks that had to happen.

I forgot to thank everyone who helped me set up! CP, Jimca, Natty (jim and natty helping a lot in running it when I had matches)! Everyone who brought a setup, LuckyD, Paul Wall, Trance, Kona and Blue9 (even though we didn’t get to use yours). I appreciate all the help!

ggs to all, i have some of the vids on my youtube,

i hope to play you guys soon.

yea im really glad this ran smoothly, good job tom on finding this place and setting all this up. the food was great and there was plenty of room for the whole crowd

thanks to everyone for a strong turnout
ggs to those I played in tourney and casuals, hope to see you all next time

Good games to everyone I played (I was Saya, the Abel player). The theft of the venue owner’s PS3 pad and somebody’s arcade stick was pretty fucked up. Tom is a class act for giving the owner his own pad in replacement because some ass had to ruin it for everyone. Goes without saying that everyone should watch their stuff like a hawk from now on. Other than those few bumps, it was a great event and I’ll definitely be attending the next one.

tourny was off the hook food was great ggs to all i played. Rob im coming for you asshole and Tom thx for running the tourny not bad at all for your first try. Hopefully ill see you guys saturdays for matches with no pressure.

“How To Handle Pressure”

good shit to tom in running it. i need to better myself against that rufus match up for next time.

gs P&W lol.

gg’s lots of fun

Awesome tournament. The ph? was truly gdlk. Thanks to everyone who brought setups and helped to run it. I’m looking forward to going to another one of these after Super drops!

Shit was mad awesome. Sucks I did so bad but it was still a good time overall. Thanks for running shit, Tom! Hope you do one again soon!

I’m think I’m to try to do these Bi-Monthly. The owner was thinking monthly, but I think to keep people hungry it shouldn’t be that often. How does that sound?

bi-monthly sounds good - new tournament at the Souper Bowl

Yeah thanks for the great tournament man! Reading all the posts in this topic and saw that your stick got stolen? That sucks. :confused: