Souper Bowl SFIV Tournament - Lowell, MA - Sunday, March 7th

Sunday March 7th, 2010:
Souper Bowl SFIV Tournament in Lowell, Massachusetts

Event Promo Poster

Here we go!
I’m trying to get the community active so I thought I’d try to run a tournament up here in Lowell. I’m hoping the community in the area comes out and we see some new and old faces. I picked a really nice bar and restaurant the Souper Bowl in Lowell, MA.

I’m hoping we can get something regular going here, so come out for some good competition, good company and good food!

Send me a PM or comment with any suggestions or questions.

Doors open at 1PM. Tournament starts at 2PM


  • You are allowed to bring your own controller or arcade stick
  • Matches are 2/3, 3/5 for semi finals, 4/7 for grand finals
  • 3/5 rounds
  • Double Elimination

Street Fighter IV Tournament - on PS3
$10 Pot Fee, $5 Venue Fee.
1st Prize: 70% of pot
2nd Prize: 20% of pot
3rd Prize: 10% of pot

Souper Bowl
1733 Middlesex Street
Lowell, MA, 01852

Post if you plan on coming! Get HYPE!


Update: ***** The poll is a lie, it’s on PS3 *****

I’d like at least 4 setups, I can provide 3 CRT TV’s but only 1 PS3. If anyone can bring a PS3 I’d really appreciate it, please send me a PM or message if you can provide one.


  1. asiantom
  2. Blue9
  3. Wall
  4. Peter Pham (Souper Bowl Host)
  5. Jason Inthongkham
  6. Trance

I’ll be there.

Hey, despite the four people who voted 360 I’m having this on PS3. I have a facebook group for this event as well and more people are leaning towards the PS3 side than anything.

If you don’t have a Ps3 stick, myself and I’m sure others will be more than happy to lend our sticks to you if you have a match and our sticks are available :smiley:

I will be there! I will have to be one of the folks who borrows a stick though, I’m 360 only.

This sounds like a nice event, I’ll try to pop up. Being 17 + no car can screw someone over when some event like this happens, so its a maybe for me.

Expect me to be there. I’ll bring in a PS3 stick to freely loan out too.

There hasn’t been much activity here, but the facebook group has about 30 people already.

Get your fight money!

I will be showing up, hopefully to meet some good NH players. I go to SNHU.


I’m definitely gonna try and make this, as long as I get the time off from work it should be good.


My friend made a promotion poster and I updated the Event Calendar on the front page. It’s looking pretty sick.

Promo Poster

Event Calendar

this is good shit, i just gotta worry about a ride.

Nice poster tom!

But why sunday?

Sunday was the easier day to work out with the venue owner. If things go well, the day could change in the future. But we’ll see! I never have an issue for sundays personally, i’m never doing anything hahah.

kool… can’t wait to get my ass whip again… :slight_smile:

ill try to come down to this

maybe ill slide my way there

Yo Tom that poster is sick. Did you make it EDIT I can’t read. Tell your friend it looks great :tup:

Hm. Cool that this is on a Sunday. It’s the same weekend as ACT XIII, and I can probably go to both. Also the weekend before Final Round! Good warm up.

There’s a Souper Bowl in Amherst too. I thought it was the only one.

How about running a team tournament as well? 2v2, waseda style?

If people are up for that, I was going to start out small with singles only. But maybe we will? hah

I’m down for teams. Sounds like FUN!!

Anyone want to team with a decent Akuma/Blanka player :P.
Message me.