Souper Bowl SSFIV Tournament - Results

SSFIV Singles ($20 a player - 43 entrants):

1 Arturo “sabin” Sanchez (Rose, Sim, Adon) (Team Spooky) $258.00
2 min (Bison) (Team Spooky) $129.00
3 Rob “WeakSauc3” Stevens (Sagat, Balrog) $43.00
4 Craig “gridman” Stevens (T.Hawk, Seth)
5 Daniel “LuckyD” Lehmann (Sim)
5 Brainyi (Honda)
7 Vigilante (Hakan, ELF)
7 Super J (Honda)
9 Josh “nerdjosh” Jodoin (Team Spooky)
9 Ben “HBRD” feingersh
9 Bwiyon
9 Remy Bleu
13 Sittipong “Mr. Dash” Sayphrarath
13 mingo Providence,
13 Gabe “BRN” Ong
13 Nate S
17 Michael “Merkilo” Borchelt
17 Paul “Wall” MA
17 Tom “asiantom” Hoang
17 Scosu
17 Shankar
17 Ryan “Yomi$” Rindom
17 OmegaSit
17 JimCa
25 Alex “blueNINE” Smith
25 CMX
25 Will F.
25 Dont Jump
25 Dusty Feets
25 Krondak
25 Skid2nyce
25 Focus Attack
33 Ryan Truman
33 Pumperjam
33 Kuan G
33 Sam Duch
33 Beh
33 Leh
33 John “J Flash”
33 Mox Maniac
33 One Eyed Willy
33 Syntaxeraera
33 Dread Lord

SSFIV Teams ($10 a team - 16 teams):

1 Even Stevens - Craig (T.Hawk) and Rob (Sagat) $112.00
2 4/20/12 - art (Rose) and min (Bison) $48.00
3 Fighting Mongooses - LuckyD (Sim) and Merkilo (Rufus)
4 Team H8 - Wall (Rufus) and Shankar (Rose)
5 STN - gabe (Akuma) and joey (Cammy)
5 Blaze Green - josh (Ibuki?) and yomi (Honda)
7 Rhode Island - sittipong and bob
7 Black Polos - Jae and Ryan Truman
9 Team Mingo - Mingo and Kaun
9 Four Eyes - asit and tom
9 Fighter’s Dream - jimca and asiantom
9 Stream Scrubs - cmx and nh brian
13 Rush Hour 2 - Bwiyon and BlueNINE
13 207 - Dusty Feet and Billy
13 Lost Heroes - Remy and Focus
13 Maine - Dreadlord and moxmaniac

HDR Singles ($5 a player - 8 entrants)

1 Arturo “sabin” Sanchez (Team Spooky) $40
2 Craig “gridman” Stevens
3 Michael “Merkilo” Borchelt
4 Tom “asiantom” Hoang
5 Super J
5 Vigilante
7 Sittipong “Mr. Dash” Sayphrarath
7 Dusty Feets

I’ll be posting up the dates for the next tournament as soon as I talk to Peter about it and if you want to play more at the gdlk venue, visit on Thursdays. We have casual sessions every Thursday from 8pm - 1am.

I wanna say thanks to everyone for coming out and putting in the time and good shit to Team Spooky for getting out here from NY.

Thanks to the Souper Bowl and the staff for letting us trash their restaurant every month.

Always thankful to the guys who bring consoles/tv’s.

Thanks to LuckyD for streaming and… Good night, this weekend was long!

The venue was great. Best pho I’ve ever had real talk. I’ll have to come out on thursdays some more, too bad Lowell is kinda out of the way for me…

Shoutouts to splitting the pot, I know you guys are friends and all but I think it’s pretty lame :tdown:

258: 129: 43 looks like the 60/30/10 pot distribution to me. So if sabin was in GFs from WFs, then it seems more accurate to describe the situation as min “forfeiting,” rather than “splitting.”

That’s just what tonamento puts out for the results. I watched gfs on the stream when I got home, Ryan said they were splitting but playing it out, art’s adon vs min’s fei.

Art is back. Team spooky. :slight_smile:

If you hate people splitting, the only real option is to become good enough to stop at least one of them.

Otherwise you are shit out of luck.

When there’s no additional prize, and two players play each other almost daily, it doesn’t do anything but make the stream happy to play it out.

BECAUSE they play each other daily, a player might end up unintentionally showing a player weakness that would otherwise have remained unknown. Why put yourself through that?

Hey man I want revenge from you beating me at GameUnicon. I am that Fuerte player you played on the big screen. Now the question is are you willing to meet up half way to play again?

good games to everyone i played! Time to begin training against E.Hondas and zangiefs! See you all next time!

Come to Summer Jam, baby!

Im having a character crisis seeing rufus everywhere definetly makes me sick of him Im switching to GUY. Maybe I can get my balrog up to high lvl also…

Shit I dont get a thank you for being the shit what an asshole…

I’m always speaking so highly of PJWall that I gotta put the breaks on once and a while! HA

thats pretty much why i dropped rufus too.

wtf, black alpha, you’re doubledistilled? JimCa was playing you last night, his xbl tag is nerdelbaum but who were you playing as?