Souper Bowl Tournament 6/12 Results

Super Street Fighter IV: Arcade Edition Singles ($10 Entry Fee - 26 Entrants)

1 DMG.Gridman (ONI, VI, SE) - $156
2 CP (KE) - $78
3 LuckyD (DH) - $26
4 DMG.Weaksauc3
5 Trance
5 asiantom
7 Merkilo
7 Eighty
9 Noobtron
9 Superj
9 CB
9 illwill
13 Mr Dash
13 NIW
13 blueNINE
13 Kona
17 KoreanDJ
17 Jjuice
17 Cozby
17 Bob
17 Fade Dash
17 Ninevolt
17 RushedDown
17 CCG.Dusty Feets
25 Sol
25 Pedro

Marvel vs Capcom 3 Singles ($10 Entry - 12 Entrants)

1 illwill - $54
1 Jjuice - $54
3 CB - $12
4 Sol
5 RushedDown
5 blueNINE
7 Merkilo
7 Jimmy “The Birthday Boy” Pham
9 CCG|Dusty Feets
9 Cozby
9 GDX| Swag Josh
9 Sheehanio

Mortal Kombat 9 Singles ($5 Entry - 15 Entrants)

1 Trance (Reptile) - $45
2 Kona ([S]Mileena[/S] Kitana) - $22.5
3 Noobtron (Kung Lao, Sub Zero) - $7.5
4 Gack
5 blueNINE
5 Jamn
7 LuckyD
7 mcpeanuts
9 Merkilo
9 Cozby
9 Ricky
9 CP
13 MattBeats
13 GDX.Swag Josh
13 Sheehanio

SSFIV: AE Teams ($15 Per Team - 6 Teams)

1 DMG + DRS (DMG.Gridman [VI], DMG.weaksauce [FEI], DRS.Noobtron [GU])
2 Dusty Feets & Friends (CCG.Dusty Feets [DIC], CP [KE], asiantom [AK])
3 Team Korea (NIW [ELF], KoreanDJ [YU], Eighty [DIC])
4 The Corporation
5 Last Bossu
5 Penguin Patrol

Check Out the Archived Videos on JTV. I’ll be trying to export to youtube in a while:
[FONT=trebuchet ms] - Part 1 = Casuals | Part 2 = Start of AE Singles[/FONT]
[FONT=trebuchet ms] - Part 1 = AE WF, AE Singles | Part 2 = MVC3 Singles top 4, AE Teams[/FONT] - AE Teams (We lost some team footage because of internet)

Great Tournament, had a lot of fun running and entering again.
Happy Birthday again to Jimmy!
Thanks to illwill for running MvC3 and collecting the 3v3 info/money.
Thanks to Kona for running MK9!
Thanks for everyone who came out and to anyone else who helped me out

Also 3v3 AE was hype!
Shout outs to Dusty Feets for having me on his team :stuck_out_tongue:

I didn’t play Mileena, I played Kitana lol. Anyways, ggs to everyone! It was a fun tourney. Thanks for allowing me to run MK9 while you were busy with other things. And thanks to the MK players being patient with me while I ran MK9. I’d be more than happy to help run MK or any other tourney again if you need the help. I hope to make it out to another Souper Bowl soon.


We might not have MK9 at the next one, but I’ll make that decision over the next couple of days. If we don’t, I apologize to the MK9 community! But there is still the great PWA and GU hosting MK9 Tournaments :x

But thanks again Kona!

GG everyone!

thanks CB for diggin my fresh nikes

burst time on

GGs everyone. Thx to Kona for handling MK9 and Tom for handling everything else that was going on. Had a great time and some pretty good pho.

BTW guys, I got on this shit early.

Next Souper Bowl Tournament date is fucking set!

good stuff yesterday, ggs to all

also shoutouts to CB, MattBeats and LuckyD for holding down the stream commentary

gs to tom for hosting the tourney, setting up a sweet stream and entering singles too

Props to the new stream setup guys, I managed to catch part of it. Quality was good and the player cam was a nice touch. Wish I could have made it down to help Dusty rep maine, maybe next time…