Souper Street Fighter IV Tournament August 29th - FULL RESULTS

SSFIV Singles (32 Participants - $10 Entry)

1 Craig “gridman” Stevens (Seth, T.Hawk) $192.00
2 Chris “CP” Pereira (Ken) $96.00
3 Daniel “LuckyD” Lehmann (Dhalsim) $32.00
4 BlackAlpha (Guile, Ibuki)
5 Rob “WeakSauc3” Stevens (Sagat, Abel)
5 mingo (Cammy, Ibuki)
7 Sittipong “Mr. Dash” Sayphrarath (Balrog)
7 superj (Honda)
9 Trance
9 JimCa
9 Alex “blueNINE” Smith
9 Mad_Max_9
13 Richarded
13 Tom “asiantom” Hoang
13 Overclocked
13 Bee Nuon
17 Vigilante
17 CMX
17 OmegaSit
17 Pumperjam
17 Half Empty
17 Jimmy McQuesten
17 Will F
17 Ewic
25 Ben “HBRD” feingersh
25 KuaNG
25 Dusty Feets
25 Mox Maniac
25 Dread Lord
25 eighty
25 evil6
25 MattFromMaine

SSFIV Teams (18 Teams - $10 a team)

1 Even Stevens (weaksauce [Abel] and gridman [T.Hawk]) $126.00
2 Fighter’s Dream (asiantom [Akuma] and CP [Ken]) $54.00
3 Stockton and Malone (Monikae [Claw] and Rich [Cody])
4 Team Random (OmegAsit [Boxer] and Krondak [Guile])
5 Rich and Steve (Richarded [Abel] and Steve Chung [Rose])
5 Team Reluctant (LuckyD [Dhalsim] and Blue9 [Abel])
7 Team Pink Skillz (Pink [Dictator] and Skillz [Boxer])
7 Team Shrug (Will F [Cammy] and Trance[Boxer])
9 Two Beards (Ryan Magz and Jimca)
9 Maine Event (Mox and Dread)
9 ShangHai Noon (Eric and Matt)
9 OWND (Craig and Mike) Late entry who started in losers
13 Team VS (Mr Dash and Vic)
13 Team Anbu (TK and Sal)
13 STN (Jae and CMX)
13 Team Rush Hour (Kaung and JR)
17 Team Scrub (Sithron and Da)
17 Team 207 (Matt and Dusty)

SSFIIT: HDR (15 Participants - $5 Entry Fee)

1 Craig “gridman” Stevens (T.Hawk, Fei Long, Vega, Boxer, etc. etc.) $52.00
2 Chris “CP” Pereira (Ken) $22.00
3 Rob “WeakSauc3” Stevens (Sagat, Dee Jay)
4 Mox Maniac
5 Vigilante
5 Steve Chung
7 superj
7 ewic
9 Tom “asiantom” Hoang
9 Dusty Feets
9 MattFromMaine
9 Daniel “LuckyD” Lehmann
13 Will F
13 Dread Lord
13 evil6

Capcom vs SNK 2 (8 Particpants - $3 Entry Fee)

1 Rob “WeakSauc3” Stevens $24.00
2 Craig “gridman” Stevens
4 Ben “HBRD” feingersh
5 Daniel “LuckyD” Lehmann
5 superj
7 mingo Providence
7 Bee Nuon

Tekken 6 (3 Entrants - $5 Entry Fee)

1 Craig “gridman” Stevens $15.00
2 Sithron
3 mingo
4 superj Forfeit no payment
5 Dusty Feets Forfeit no payment

Good games to everyone and thanks as always to everyone for coming out.

There won’t be Tekken 6 next month just because three entrants isn’t worth it.

Thanks for everyone who registered for Tonamento. If you didn’t, please go to Tonamento and register. It takes two seconds and you can pre-register for tournaments ahead of time to make registering at at tournament so much easier.

The next Souper Bowl Tournament has already been scheduled here on tonament. PRE-REG!

ban 3s imo

3s was the worst idea since sf4

what horrible person would propose running a tournament for that

also, I’m going to stop caring about sf4 since it seems the more I try at a game the worse I do

Fuerte ditto’s are too epic!

Mr. dash next time I see you I need to ask you something.

Man, I had so much fun, ty everyone for making it such a pleasant experience with old faces and new

Ah gg’s to everyone, Hadn’t been to a souper bowl gathering in a while it seemed. Good shit to CP blowing me up twice. Hopefully I can make it to the next one!

I’m sorry I missed it, my move has been a total clusterfuck too - the current tenants didn’t move out in time wtf. Would have liked to play cvs2, hopefully I can get to the next one.

GG’s to all in ssf4. And I don’t care what you all say, 3rd strike was fun if not for the poor running time!

cough 3s had 16 entrants cough hypest shit in the house

but souper is always a blast

what you know about r4 P sim, gonna give this more time

and also, MA our scene seems to flux in and out, but overall as a state I think we’re pretty solid, lets keep getting better

I only got ~1½ hours of sleep, and didn’t get to warm up, but I couldn’t help but drive out to this anyway. Was a struggle to make it through the day, but I was glad to be at the event anyhow. Good seeing everyone. Thanks to those involved in running the tournament and making it all possible.

It’d be cool to see a Guilty Gear tournament next time, even if it were just $3 or something. Several people seemed interested in that, and if it were added, I could probably bring in some more players. Also…Rob, my offer to learn CvS2 if you learn GGXXAC is still on the table!

I’ll get some rest and will level up for the next one.

had fun wish i was able to stay and play in singles. Oh well next time and I’ll have a teammate for the next one.

Also Tom on teams Pink Skillz; Skillz played Rog.

LOL at myself for getting too hype during semi finals vs blackalpha :sweat:

gs to craig’s seth he was on point all tourney

also it was fun getting more experience and tourney matches in for HDR, much appreciation and thanks to jae and craig for their continued advice in the game


This was really fun and I had a great time. Kinda disappointed with my lack of experience using Rose so i opted out of the singles tournament. Hopefully the next time i go to this thing I’ll be a lot better.

oh and sorry LuckyD for counterpicking you in HD Remix. Next time at souperbowl I’ll buy you a drink or something :-I

Tournament Pics and Vids on

In case you were wondering, I’m the venue for this event. I dunno what prompted me to sign up, but I just wanted to share all the pics and vids from the event with the SRK community. I hope it brings in many fresh competitors, and bring many new friendships.

OWL 365


its still fray