Souperbowl 7/24 Results

MVC3 Teams

1 4ocious (J[ust]juice, [S]Ralph, illwill[/S])
2 My 2 Sents (Effulboa, Grim, Merkilo)
3 CP’s Plantation (CP, Zelkiro, Pumperjam)
4 Last Minute
5 Celebrity Golf Classic
5 Maine Event
7 This Game Sucks!
7 KillaBees

MVC3 Singles (32 Entrants = $320 pot)

1 CB
2 Effulbao
3 Roga
4 BugsBunny
5 illwill
5 Jjuice
7 Pumperjam
7 Zelkiro
9 Ralph
9 Itabakimasu
9 Vai
13 MoxManiac
13 CP
13 DevilFoxx
13 MrSleeps
17 Merkilo
17 Sittipong
17 blueNINE
17 LBChaos
17 Joe B.
17 Wetspaper
17 McDobby
17 Simba
25 Eighty
25 Chuck
25 DustyFeets
25 RonDale
25 Fall River Legend
25 Dreadlord
25 Fredouken
25 Ste-lo

SSFIV Singles (39 Entrants - $390 pot)

1 DMG.Gridman (C.Viper)
2 LuckyD (Dhalsim)
3 CP (Ken)
4 Merkilo
5 DRS Whitetastic
5 Cozby
7 Forever Higher
9 asiantom
9 Sittipong
9 CB
9 C-ya
13 blueNINE
13 illwill
13 Ralph
13 LemonHonda
17 Ewic
17 Victormaru
17 Eighty
17 MoxManiac
17 MrSleeps
17 DustyFeets
17 J5
17 Adon Hilter
25 NIW
25 Jjuice
25 Skillz
25 Chuck
25 Zelkiro
25 Fall River Legend
25 McDobby
33 Pumperjam
33 LBChaos
33 OhTheCommotion
33 Steel
33 TFD Pinky
33 Dreadlord
33 Fredouken

Thanks for everyone coming out and making this a fairly large tournament for our little scene. There was a lot of hype. I didn’t like the live commentary being broadcast to the restaurant at first, but it really grew on me and I enjoyed it a lot.

Thanks for the setups!

Thanks LuckyD for the microphones and soundboard, stream would have sucked without it.
Thanks a whole lot to CP and Wilson for helping me out with the tourney, it ran really smoothly with less TV’s than usual.

Good luck and have fun to everyone at EVO, I’ll see you there!

(video archive starts at 1:50 and contines onward to part 2. Then another 6 hours of MVC3 and AE are here)

Was souper fun. Great bowl as always. Funfunfun.

Time to hole back into training mode. :x

Thank you Ralph for eliminating everyone in Super.

CP I want in on the plantation jig

GJ Ceebs and Bao for topping marvel.

Craig you already know.

n’ WOW Skrulljuice O_O

Good games to who ever I played. I lost to sittipong round 1 and then pumperjam just destroyed me. :frowning: time to train so I don’t make so many lame mistakes. Good job Roga for getting top 3 :0 runs in the family. Next time well do better.

Hopefully I get knocked out first Round again :slight_smile: I like starting of in losers more game and excitement

Good games to everyone I played. Great to see such an awesome turnout. Thanks to the crew at Souper Bowl for hosting and asiantom and anyone else who helped run the tourneys. Good luck at Evo guys!