Source for Dualshock 1 pads?

Are there any places online, or maybe stores I am overlooking that might have DS1s? I know gamecrazy sometimes has used ones for 8 bucks which is nice, but I’d like to buy like… 10 at once right now just so I won’t have to buy anymore for years.

Flea market? They usually have tons of DS1s there.

Actually I just found a website with what looks like boot leg DS1 pads. Check this out. I’ve bought two HRAPs from them before so they are reliable. The pads are only 11.99 so if they don’t work then you lost 11.99 and not 20 plus. As usual remember to take the pad apart and post pics for us in the pad hacking thread ^^. Keep us posted dood ^^.

Someone on the forum tried them before and said it was no good. He didn’t mention any specifics though so I don’t know what is wrong with them. I think you can get those cheaper through the guy’s EBay store if you did want to try them though.

they have those at ross for like 6 bucks or so.

I made a USB joystick controller:

I have a dual USB/Playstation version working now, and will update the site soon. Would a Playstation only controller be of any interest to people?


Pawn shops…don’t pay more than $7 for a PS1 controller though.

These things are busted, just like the ones you see on ebay. That isn’t even an image of the real controller, it’s just a DS with the sony shopped out of it. The controllers have a weird crappy feel to them, and the buttons look like they have some kinda robotic snowflake instead of X[]^O whatever. The PCBs have small solder points, but you certainly need a multimeter to find out what is what, and they are hard to solder to. And, they lag with converters even after you get them to work. So basically, they are shit, same thing you can buy in bulk from sites like I thought I took some photos and showed the insides, but I can’t find them.


I go on Craigslist every now and then to find people selling old PSones for cheap. I have picked up a few whole PS1 systems for like $15. Then I just scrap the controllers for my projects. On the plus side I have extra consoles laying around to either sell or save for the apocalypse. >:)

thats where i get all mine from. also the retro game store near my area… thats a cool place to look also.

I just found this movie/music/game trading place completely on accident. I got like 3 PSX controllers for $13. In your face suckas!
Thanks for the link James123.

Try gamestop’s cause there’s a random chance you’ll find some. I bought 4 DS1’s from my local gamestop for $0.30 each because apparently they have some sort of automatic markdown mechanism that cuts the price to practically nothing if they sit there long enough. I think they were marked $8.00 each and the dude rang them up and says “That’ll be $1.25” or whatever. I think I physically did a double take.