Sourcing candy cabinets in bulk from Japan/China - advice needed



As the title says, i’m looking to ship over a bulk order of candy cabinets from Japan.

At the moment i’m looking at Blast City, Egret 2 and Astro City, but am interested in others too Super Neo 29, Impress 29, Atomiswave SD etc etc.

At this stage i’m looking at bringing a container with 20 cabinets over. I’m based in the UK.

I have all the finance ready to go, but i’m having difficulty finding a supplier.

I know about Highway and Coin Op express, but neither have got exactly what i’m after. Highway are far too expensive, and Coin Op Express mostly out of stock.

I’ve had some great help over at Arcade Otaku, but thought i’d try here too and see if anyone had any advice on other potential sources. I’d really appreciate it.

I’m not looking to make money on these, just hoping to put together a small space in a property i have to run some small events.

I’m currently out in Japan, which i thought might be a help, but my Japanese speaking friend that i’m staying with doesn’t know anything about this kind of thing so research is proving tough.

Would be really grateful of any help. Cheers