South america :colmobia, ecuador, peru, bolivia, venezuela, chile, argentina y brazil


People that LIVE in South America. Lets form a Super Street Fighter 4 Online Community, so that we can really practice. country, I tried to do one only for my country and I got 2 responses. It is not enough to practice or to organize a tournament. Everyone from South America, put your PSN ID so that we can play and practice!


Xbox player from Brazil here!

Live ID: Lemonitos

It would be great to spar with someone near. Laggy Ibuki inputs are driving me insane! :rofl:


I know what you mean! I want to practice aAkuma combos and LAG does not let me! Lol


Brazil represent!
xbox id: Hardc0re Bait

We have a strong community at Fórum - Portal Versus - Sempre ao encontro do mais forte! feel free to post there :slight_smile:


Check / there’s a thread full of PSN/XBL accounts :smiley:


what about bolivia let see some bolivian players


WOW! It seems us South Americans dont play SSFV too much? Lets make a facebook page for south america then!


Hey will be in colombia in november was wondering how bad is the lag to the US. I live in texas and would want to play with some of my friends. We also play Halo and COD so just trying to see how bad it is. Can some1 friend request me that has 1 of those games and we can play a couple of games so I can test it out.


brazil player here

psn: rafael_themasta
xblive: rafael themasta

and yeah, check
u’ll find lot of brazilian players


Venezuelan player here!

I dont have a ps3/xbox 360 but my brother has, his psn is misticoboy78

However i play in GGPO or supercade on PC, nick:nunoelectric o {SNK4ever}_nuno

i play ST, 3s, CE KOF 94/98/2002


Hello, I’m from argentina, buenos aires. I don’t have a ps3 yet, but almost everyone here has a ps3, cuz it is easier to get joysticks for that, and the online play is free.

I could pass a few pages from the Argentinien comunity.

and (there go into foros, then go to the bottom of the page, and search for the Fightclub area, in there they got post with ps3 ID’s to play mostly SSFIV I think)

I’m trying to get a ps3 to start playing MvC3 as soon as it comes out, so i will edit this post later. Take care
But my recomendation would be to search in critical hit, they play better. in 3Dgames they whine to much :stuck_out_tongue:


im from Chile!!

xbox: DeathstrokeCL


Hey everyone! Dae galera tudo bem??
I am in Brazil, and I play on PSN

My ID: Ironfist03.
I have already played against a few of you, rafaelmasta eu acho que a gente jogou neh??
I need practise without Laaaaaaaaag!
Also, can any of you brasileiros tell me where to find an arcade fight stick here in Brasil?? I have only found second hand ones and they are fucking expensive! 500-600 reais! That’s too much.

And to Pimp2303 the connection with the south-eastern side of America is good man, all of Florida up to New York, But a connection with the western side is pretty bad man, I wouldn’t expect much from a connection with Texas. It’s too far. But in saying that I have had good onnections with parts of europe.

Anyway add me if you guys want some matches! I main Ryu and Abel at the moment.


Also guy’s why don’t we start up like a South American news board here?! Post when and where there will be tournament’s and event’s and that kinda thing, because here in Brasil it can be hard to gather information about things like this. I want to start playing in some tournament’s just for fun, but I never know when or where there will be one.

Anyway! Falou


I know! We should start a thread for South America. I live in Ecuador, an apart from me, I do not know anyone else that plays the game! My PSN jcgonzmo


Habla, yo he conocido ya como diez personas aqui en guayaquil


nice finally we are getting a community built in Ecuador! However we should add more people from South America! I would be awesome to have a Peru vs Ecuador! lol!


Hola jcgonzmo, tenemos una comunidad acá en Perú con varios jugadores llamada The Backyard
Aún no contamos con una página web, pero tenemos bastante actividad en el grupo de Facebook.
Algunas imágenes son NSFW.

Agrégame para unas mechas
Un abrazo


Hi guys, happy to see you feeding the community, as soon as I get a job I’ll try to get some moves going in Caracas. Even though is banned I think some people would be really pleased to see the Caracas (and Venezuelan as a whole) moving in again as in the nineties. BRING THE NINETIES BAAAAACK!!!

So, keep an eye out on me and let’s see what can be done to lift the so called “violent games” ban up in Venezuela or create a really underground network a la Fight Club around here. First step is to have a laptop, then a TV then my own consoles. GGs Guys


At the moment, playing people from different countries is not practical, due to the connection. I guess the only exceptions are players from US East cost, and still that is troublesome, as the lantency rarely gets below 120 ms. Everyone else is 200 ms or above, which is just unplayable.

I suggest threads for each country, unless you know for a fact a certain country has a good connection to yours.