South Bay, CA umvc3 players? (310)


I’m looking for a bunch of people to play marvel with. I’m not the best, but I’m far from the worst player. I haven’t found any players around here yet so please hit me up.
My goal is to get a training partner and to overall improve.
Also, if there are people that have random tech for members of my team, of course that’d be appreciated.

90250 hawthorne Ca


where in hawthorne? I go to the gym on crenshaw/120th about 3 times a week.


There is Don’s in Torrance on Fridays. Also if you have Facebook you should check this group for gatherings


off el segundo and rosecrans nd i still go to go to don’s! ive heard good things


You can go here if you want to play Marvel with a bunch of us:

I’m usually there 3 days a week, the owner plays Marvel himself so he can play everyday and we have a group of about 7 of us that play Marvel regularly. We’re in Inglewood and it’d be cool if you stopped by.