South Bay Quals for Battle of the Bay Thursday 8/5

Wat: Qualifying round robin tourney to be on da south bay team for the 5v5 battle of the bays

When: next Thursday, 8/5 7:00 PM

Where: the Catalina Wine Mixer aka fancy talk for my house, most people I’m guessing will have been to my place before, if you haven’t, PM me for the address, this will really help me get an idea of how many people are gonna participate

Stuff: $10 entry fee, Ricky is team captain so there is 4 spots being played for, except for the one spot that is given to the person who can punch Pavo in the balls the hardest, just kidding. All standard wine mixer rules apply, if it looks like a lot of people are gonna be partaking may have to ask you non south bayers to sit this week out, will know more as Thursday approaches.

aka go home, Thrust.

Good luck, boys. Lamergirl better prove it wasn’t just a bunch of flukes at EVO


I was going to ask if I could come and watch but then I saw the part about punching me in the balls. I’ll wait for the results.

honestly how hard hard can Andy really punch though? You’ll be fine.

I’ll be getting one of those spots, baby :D!

This shit is SO SRS, I’ll be there.

Hey guys, if you’re actually trying out for the SB team, please post on here, FB, or wherever cuz it’s taking place at Scunsion’s house which is limited in space. We need a head count to make preparations. Thanks!

IM THERE! GoTTA get me a spot! make a name for myself.

I will be joining also.

not going my asssss

you know i’ll be there ;]

Can anybody provide me with a ride please?

anthony, where do you live

Someone bring a console please !!!

long is going to pick me up now. THANKS SEBASTIAN!

Good luck to the South Bay guys!

Hello, I’d like to drop by and enter if that’s ok. Rusty, though. :[

Yaaaa do you need address or you good?

Can you pm the address? Thanks.

Also, you’re starting at 7, right? Or should I come a little after?

Everybody who is NOT participating, please do not show up. There’s is actually an overflow of players who will be participating in today’s qualifiers and space is limited strictly for participants and close friends. Not trying to have people feel left out, but yes, our close friends which are probably about 2 - 3 heads will be there to watch.