South Bay / South Valley / Morgan Hill / Gilroy Thread


Looking to make a community down here in the gilroy/morgan hill area, anybody interested. My friends and I have been going to San Rafael recently but it is a long drive. Kinda sucks to be stuck between monterey area and san jose but what can you do. Please post and we can see what we can do to get something off the ground down here.



yo dude, i’m down. lemme know wsup.


cool. do you have any friends that would be interested also?My friends and I are looking for a place still were not gonna have just street fighter but other fighting games too we have a couple of Japanese ps2s also with hokuto no ken and others. I’m not sure yet if it will be bi weekly or not but it will be on Saturdays. Going to San Rafael this Wednesday im gonna ask some of the guys at iplaywinner how to get stuff started. Kenoh


Ya me and my friends have been going out to starbase for the last couple of weeks. I dont know about my friends, but i’m only really interested in ssf4. Maybe 3rd strike when it comes out online. haha. Catch at starbase, i’m the dude using a pink bison 2 alternate.