South Bend, IN/ Michiana - We finally have a scene!


Well next month will be interesting with doubles going on. I got my teammate. How bout the rest of ya?


Still accepting applications.


Haha I got a kick out of this. nutsvsguts videos are always all kinds of fucked up.


Hey Guys, Short notice, but I’m having a Graduation Party this weekend if y’all wanna come into Niles. There will be people, fun, games, etc, all that good stuff. I only ask that you guys come because I may be bored in the latter parts of the night when I’m playing games and others are asleep.


This really sucks, but I can’t make it to Save Point in July. :frowning: Have fun and I hope people start getting into AE around here!


Aw man. Sorry Andy.


Ya i probably wont be in town for the july save point.


It’ll be lonely without you. Plus you won’t see me defeat Mr. Moo.


Lol you say you’ll beat him, but the match between you two wasn’t even close. You have quite the gap to fill.

Plus you’ll have to beat his partner too since it’s doubles.


All Indiana fighter fiends are welcome… especially you Andy man… you need to come through

T3: The Ballistic Beatdown! 7-9-2011

The 5th T3 tournament since we’ve started holding them… this one will boast the biggest tournament playlist, and hopefully the biggest crowd… I’m encouraging everyone to come so that we can lay all of our competition to rest… and i want to see who is adapting to AE the best… this is really the only game i’m looking to so bring it my friends

here’s the facebook event page if you need it:!/event.php?eid=152641088142910

Location: The Tilt Studios Arcade in the Circle Centre Mall in downtown Indianapolis Indiana … pretty rudimentary at this point but the address is: 49 W Maryland St. Ste. 101, Indianapolis, Indiana

Time: Saturday July 6th, promptly at 6pm… but of course we run on gamer time

Games: SSF4:AE, MvC3, MK9, and SF3:3S… there’s also likely to be a couple side tournaments

Venue: there’s a $10 venue fee to be paid up front at the redemption desk as per usual, anyone with a Tilt fight club membership gets a reduced fee of $5 aswell

Money & Payout: All tournaments require a $10 entry fee, all tournament pots payout to the top 3 participants; %70 to the winner, %20 to the runner-up, and %10 to third place

Rules: All the 4 main tournaments are double elimination unless stated otherwise, grand finals are 3 out of 5

**SSF4:AE: **$10 entry, played on PS3 (for Renegade), no character bans, 2/3 rounds, 2/3 games, loser can switch characters and Ultras, winner must stay
MvC3: $10 entry, played on PS3, no character bans, 2/3 games, loser can switch team, winner must stay
**MK9: **$10 entry, played on PS3, Kratos is banned, so is the traffic stage, standard mode, 2/3 rounds, 2/3 games, loser can switch characters, winner must stay (any ruling on Skarlet yet?)
Third Strike: $10 entry, played on PS2 (unless we miraculously get O.E.), Gill is banned, Sean is encouraged, 2/3 rounds, 2/3 games, loser can switch characters and SA, winner must stay on

and an incentive to just the SRK players, if you bring me a PS3 (just the console or a setup) to run tournament games on I’ll cut any entry fee you request down to half… please PM me on this regard


Know what? I think I might have to jump down there for that…


do it… and afterward we’ll all go get milkshakes from S&S… or drunk… or both… whatever


If I can afford to, I will definitely try to make it down there.


I’m definitely coming.


Sounds like fun, as Ive never been to indy as long as ive lived in Indiana. But most likey will be out of town :frowning:


I live in Rochester, IN So I’m pretty close. My friend is visiting in about 2 months, any nearby tournaments to check out then?


The South Bend, Indiana fighting game forums.


Oi. Wish I could have made T3. Ah well, time to clean up today’s Save Point.


Well I live close by to south bend, (cassopolis, MI). I don’t really have transportation to go to any casuals but you can add me on XBL, I will be happy to add any SSFIV, SC4, and Tekken 6 players. GT: xXENVYXxZION


Ah okay, so you’re about 30 minutes from me then. I’ll add ya on XBL.