South Bend, IN/ Michiana - We finally have a scene!


Oh Hey, Envy, You live near my cousin. He doesn’t play as competitively as others, or at all really, but he’s nearby. Perhaps we can hang out sometime.


Bump, for the cause!


That’s awesome, it might be a possibility but I don’t have really reliable transportation -.-’ but do either of you have xbox live? Cause we could play a couple matches online sometime.


Unfortunately not, I’m on the Playstation myself.


If you want to add me my GT is the same as my name on here. :slight_smile:


ill make sure to the next time im on.


Ya know, you use Guy and Cody, And I use Cody and Guy. Perhaps one day if you ever make it to a Savepoint, we can duke it out.


I seen you guys talk about savepoint, but I don’t know what it is exactly. Could you guys explain?


Monthly ranbats we have at the St. Joseph County Public Library in South Bend. Head on over to and register for the forums. The next one is October 15th. :slight_smile:


Come on down man!


I will see what my schedule is like, if I don’t have something going on, I’ll make sure to come down.

I’m actually moving away from Cody, I’m better with juri, so if you see me during savepoint I’ll probably be using guy or juri, but I’m up for a little Cody action ^^


Aw Damn! Here I was getting all excited over a new Cody player. Regardless, It’ll always be good to have someone new playing at SP. Especially since we just started our season.


I checked my schedule and I have something I have to do on the 15th so I won’t be able to make it. :confused: But Nov 19 I’m making sure nothing stops me from coming!


Good! I don’t care if you have to punch a brick wall to get to us, you will come to Save Point!


Random post: Do any of you have 3rd strike online? im looking for people to play.


I do, sir. However, I only play it on the Playstation


I do, I am bad at it, but learning Urien.


Im still trying to find who I want to learn in 3so, I narrowed it to either makoto or ryu. but I dont get to play against other players much so Im mostly just playing for fun.


I’m learning Ryu myself, so pick Makoto so I don’t have any mirror matches ever. >_>;


Wow, there’s actually some kind of scene near me? Yay. :smiley: I just made a FB group the other day and was planning on getting the word out. I’m in Goshen, so South Bend is nice and close to me.