South Bend, IN/ Michiana - We finally have a scene!


Had a surprisingly good turnout for our first SF5 tournament! Our SF5 league will be starting in the coming weeks!


Start of our SF5 ranbat is today!


Ive been meaning to head out there.


A few of us will be there this Saturday night if you decide to stop by.


Next ranbat is this Saturday(3/12) at 6:00pm!

#266 our friends from Reaction games are hosting a tournament! I’ll post more info when I find it out.


Ranbat this weekend! We will be having quite a few new players.


Another ranbat! Also we will be having a meetup every Wednesdays starting the 13th in Granger! We will be partnering with Reaction Games to bring a venue for Smash games and Street Fighter. Will update this post when the event is created.


More events! The golf club of Granger is hosting a game night on wednesday April 20th in cooperation with Realms and Reaction games with tournaments for Street Fighter 5 and Smash 4! The venue fee is 5 dollars with 2 dollar entries for tournaments. There will be setups for casual play for Smash 4, Melee, Street Fighter 5, and Killer Instinct. If you would like more information please get in contact with me here or us on


In addition to our night out on the town tomorrow we will also be having our ranbat this Saturday at 6pm! Here is the event


Still around! Looking for any new players!


Ranbat since we had to postpone last weeks


Just got back from combo breaker and forgot I haven’t been keeping up on this! Anyways we are having a monthly hosted by reaction games and here is the link for that. We are still active and usually meet once a week with ranbats every other week. Message me if you have any questions!


Still here in the Mishawaka, Elkhart, and South Bend area. Got a bunch of us going to Godlike this weekend as well as going to the Red Bull event in Chicago later this month. Feel free to get in contact with me if you want to play some games!


Forgot to mention our boy Batousai got 2nd at godlike! First time there too.


Went to the Monthly Mixup #2 yesterday and had a great time. Even though we all drowned in pools Video was 1 game away from making it out!


Godlike tomorrow once again!


I’ve been looking for the FGC scene here because I live in Indiana, could i PM you?


Yeah dude go for it.


Monthly Mix-up in Chicago and Godlike next month on our list!