South Bend, IN/ Michiana - We finally have a scene!


Bump to keep thread alive


Sup Juice. Whats good bro. When the fuck are you going to comeback to my place and laugh your ass off. O yea I do believe that Big Sheldon might of made you guys TFA members. You, Holdy and Ben are TFA members.

ALSO, you guys from Indiana need to come to Grand Rapids. We have Ranbats up here. I think you guys will be surprised on what Michigan will have to offer.



Hell yeah, Ben and Holdy surprised me as it is lol… Anyways, if you keep us filled in I’m sure we could jump up there and steal your cookies.


I am new to this thread I should have noticed the regional matchmaking board sooner but since you mentioned ranbats and my home town I am very interested and would like to learn more.


hell yeah chauncy! i plan on comin up there asap bro. Does trf have a site or anything?


Sup everyone been crazy busy lately hopefully we can get together for some sessions in a couple of weeks!


Let me know when to show.


Hey man i just got an xbox been trying to hit you up on it.


That’s awesome, I haven’t been on much lately, I’ll try to jump on more this week.


Bump. We need more OFFline play imo. And CvS2!


Ya fo sho! was actually playing CvS2 and Pocket gem fighters the other day.


Surprised to see this thread! I grew up in this area and I’m now a milwaukee resident but if I’m ever home I’ll be sure to check out what’s going on in the michiana area.

I grew up around St.Joseph, MI - there’s a store in Benton Harbor called Topps Trade Center that’s trying to start up a little bit of a side arcade now. They have a TTT machine and a MvC2 machine along with a few others but I’m sure they’d be happy to have any players from around that area… might be something to look into. I know they do magic tournaments and shit so they’re familiar with hosting events.

Any of you going to be at UFGC in Chicago next year? Most of the milwaukee crew will be making the trip.

We have monthly tournaments in milwaukee as well - it’s not too bad of a drive, but at the same time you may as well be going to chicago if you’re going to travel. It’s closer.


We only made it to MWC this past year, and I’d really like to make it to more in 2011.


any interest in attending this?


It’s quite a drive, but maybe if we can muster up like 4 people we could make it happen?


MVC3 tournies? Word on the street is that Benton Harbor gamestop is having a midnight launch tournament, and now Wal-Marts are hosting tournaments w/ a free copy of the game to the winner. Not sure as which Michiana walmarts if any are actually participating. If any are i will post the info here as it could possibly be an easy way to get a free copy for some of us , as we all know what the status of the fighting game scene is in the area, competition might not be the most challenging hehe.


Hey. Lookin for some players. See there are a few of you guys in the SB area. Names Kyle, work at the Gamestop on Indian Ridge.
Anyone down, hit me up on XBL: KyleKyleBrown.


what up Kyle! had to double take when i saw your name on here. :smile:


Add me on XBL, tag is ORDEProject awesome to meet more local gamers! You guys doing anything special at your store for MvC3?


Nice to meet more fighting gamers in the area, hope you guys chime in on the thread!