South Bend, IN/ Michiana - We finally have a scene!


Word on the street, South Bend main library might be doing ranbats on saturdays for MvC3. Will post info tommorow once i know the details.


Wow, that’s amazing! And hey, we have another player up here working at my favorite GameStop! (I’m late, I know)



Also in great local news a new buy/sell/trade gaming store just opened up in the west side of South Bend and want to start holding local gaming tournaments. If we can get enough interest we can start having regular fighting game events there as Im friends w/ the owners theyre very excited.


Count me in. On everything. A chance at a scene growing is worth altering my availability.

PS3 or 360?

I see you’re also playing Doom eh? gdlk!


This will be on the 360. Ya Doom is awesome w/ Zero. Im still debating on either using plasma beam or missles for his assist.


w/ Zero you can’t go wrong either way. Beam assists are great for those nasty side-switches (and Doom’s > all). Missiles are always good. Rocks are great too. Doom assists are all amazing.

Unfortunately I haven’t really settled on a team yet. =/

I’ve been teaching an old friend how to play, he has always learned faster than me in fighters so he’s picking up on things quick. We should both be able to make it.


Ya ive been mostly using plasma beam for right now. I know what you mean on a sticking w/ a team, I went through quite of bit teammates for zero and never felt comfortable with anyone really. Ive been practicing my team one member at a time. Did skrull last week, now im doing doom and his bnbs. Ya Brian has surprisingly picked up things on this game quick as well, he won a tournament at walmat and got a free copy of the game w/ some other swag lol.


We had a walmart tourney around here? I couldn’t find one! :frowning: lol that’s really cool though! Is Mario playing?

Right now I’m trying Storm, Hulk, Doom, I sometimes swap storm for X-23. Might stick with that as I’ve been using it for a couple weeks now. Doom is probably my strongest character right now oddly enough.


I Do The Walk And Do The Talk With Deadpool:badboy: And Then I Do The Satsui Nohado With Ryu:karate: And Rockout With Dante:rock:


Ah you finally got Brian on here eh? Nice!


Ya they had a tourny @ the south side walmart. Mario hasnt been playing too much lately.


Do you think that one K-Mart has Mortal Kombat already?


ay yo Andy, i’ve kinda been missing you with the invites for allthese T3 tournaments, so i had to makes sure you guy saw this… i know it’s a drive and everything, but try and make it down if you can this will be the biggest T3 since we started holding them

T3: The Genetic Opera

okay so check it out… i had a lot of people asking me to put this together and since this is the 4th iteration it took little to no effort… and i know the name is wierd… but i like Repo! and i was on the spot… so welcome to the 4th T3… the Gentic Opera

Things are gonna get a little expensive this time around… but we also get to expand… like immensly… and this is to be the first of our new line up of Ranbats with this being the inaguaral ranking… so pay attention

When & Where
Saturday April 23nd,2011… Tilt Studios Arcade Downtown NAP… 6:30pm

Super Street Fighter 4 - $10 entry
Marvel vs. Capcom 3 - $10 entry
Street Fighter 3: Third Strike - $10 entry

Fees and or Charges
all participants must pay a $10 venue fee at the front desk, if you’re a member of the Tilt Fight Club then you get a $5 discount… after that any entry fee you pay is for the individual tournament pots

Tournament Structure
All tournaments are full double elimination, and the 1st 2nd and 3rd place players will recieve %70, %20, %10 of the tournament pot as a prize respectively… we’ve got an official system structure so we don’t end up like last time, Super and Marv3l are both to be run on Xbox 360 and 3S is gonna be run on PS2 of course

SSF4 - 2/3 rounds, 2/3 games, loser can siwtch characters and ultras, winner has to pick the same character but can still switch ultras, no character bans
MvC3 - 2/3 games, team order is locked from character select screen, losing player can switch their team, but the winning player has to keep the same team, no character bans, and we will be playing the Sent nerfed updated version
Third Strike - 2/3 games, 2/3 rounds, loser can switch SAs, winner has to keep the same character and SA, Gill is banned Sean is encouraged… and i’m actually looking to Mario and or Indy to solidify this ruleset

conclusion: we got 3 tournies this time around so the schedule is gonna be tight, we’ll be running Marv3l and SSF4 silmultaneously so be ready for that…
Ray and co. wants to run a MvC2 tourney and i would love that but we need more competitors… and the Tilt staff are all MK lovers (infact the event director is a MK world record legend) so they wanted to see if anyone would be interested… so sound off… if i missed anything here lemme know i gotta repost this in the other indy threads

as always if any brings an Xbox and games to help run things more smoothly then the get a discount


Its possible , they usually get there stuff on thursdays so they might have it already.


So St Jo Library ranbats confirmed for Saturdays now? I’m stoked!

I imagine by now you’ve decided on Doom’s beam assist? Definitely the way to go for Zero. :wink:


Ya once a month, id like to get something biweekly going and a little later in the evening as 10am is a bit early for my schedule lol. The library can only stay open for so long and at least we got something now! Hopefully the area can level up. A couple of other solid players that I met at the gamestop MvC3 midnight launch will be attending as well. I guess last time there was about 20-30 people, although alot of them used simple mode lol. Ya ive been using beam works great for both zero and skrull. My doom is still poo poo though. Heres their forum. The organizers name is Pedro also!
GameBoard :: Index


Yeah, my Storm is still kinda meh lol. I should zone with her more but I love getting in that ass with her haha! I learned some awesome things today though. I’m so stoked about how this team is working out. I can use Ele Rage into Gamma Quake for DHC glitch (a weak example of it, but nonetheless), Hulk + Molecular Shield assist is amazing for several reasons! I’ve been learning Storm and Doom’s flight mode combos, partly for kicks in Doom’s case, but it builds more meter on the other hand. I dunno, it’s just a really fun team, probably not cheap enough by MvC3 standards, but it seems solid enough.

Been learning Avengers on the side too! :wink:


Hows that Thor coming along?


Mostly working on execution and some advanced mobility techniques. For example, I discovered I can get a somewhat legit empty triangle jump to low attack if I hit H after the air dash, because his air H cancels his air dash and goes all the way to the ground, where as with his other normals he hovers for a moment before landing. It’s slow, but it works, it’s scary, and it’s cool. I also started doing this thing where I’ll sometimes do the typical massive triangle jump Randy Savage, which looks like something I’ve committed to, but then flight mode cancel to fake them out and then from there I have a couple of half decent options. I still haven’t really figured out how to get people out of my face though. :frowning: I have to rely on push-block + assist (either) so far, as he doesn’t really have anything with super armor or invincibility like Hulk. However, he is way better against zoning characters than Hulk for a couple of reasons. If I call Molecular Shield assist, I can charge up about half a bar of meter with his Mighty Speech under it’s wing as long as I don’t have to worry about someone’s super or beam or something. I really want to make sure my execution is on point, so when I do hit that cr.L I can use a lvl 1 x-factor and kill just about any character.

I haven’t been playing too much the last couple days though. Last training mode session I did was mostly about snap-back combos. Been checking out Mortal Kombat and playing a lot of co-op hard mode stuff lately.

How’s Doom coming along? Are you a master of his mobility yet? :smiley:


Hey how’s it going? So I live in Niles but I’d like to get into the community in South Bend because there is no one to play up here. I’m interested in tournaments and what not cuz I need to level up bad. Thanks guys