South Bend, IN/ Michiana - We finally have a scene!


Hey I heard the shoutout james chen gave you guys on wednesday night fights last night. Really cool. I dunno if he just noticed your thread or what.

I’m originally from the niles/benton harbor area, I come to visit every once in a while.

Just a heads up that Milwaukee is a pretty easy 3 hour drive from south bend area and we have tournaments every month, and our next one is this weekend, the 30th. If you can split gas costs with 2-3 people it’s not bad, and we have no venue fees, and they’re one day only events, so no lodging required.

We have some pretty good players here for all kinds of games, from Marvel 3 to King of Fighters, 3rd strike, and Tekken. We also get some good chicago, madison, and green bay competition from time to time.


Hey Manimal, that’s cool, we’ll try to contact you next time we do our offline casuals. Our next St. Jo Public Library tournament is on May 14th (no venue fee btw). I believe it’s the last one of this season too.

Man Chun Pai, the one time I’m too tired to watch WNF we get a shout out? I wonder what he said on there haha. We still need a lot of levelling up, but the old Smash community is converting to MvC and they already seem to know all about running tournies, so that’s really helping! I didn’t even know Smash Bros. was ever a really big deal here. I wouldn’t be able to make it down there for the 30th, as I’ll be stuck at work, but keep us posted and sometime we’ll try to stop by.


Thanks Andy. Do you guys use PS3 or X-box at your tourneys. I only have PS3 gear at the moment.


They are using 360s for the tournaments. As far as casuals go, for SSF4 we can use either console really, for MvC3 we are on 360.

I have no problem lending a stick, I’d have to put a square gate back in though because I use Octagon lol. If you play on pad, then you don’t have to worry about gear.


I play with whatever I can get my hands on so I can use arcade stick or pad. Appreciate it bro.


and as far as what Chen said, he basically said shout outs for trying to get a community together and that it’s cool you’re doing it at the library. this was said in the grand finals of all places lol. Epic


Heads up guys, we have this coming down the pipeline. Will have a tournaments and events thread up soon.

Sunday May 15th
GameWorks AE tournament

601 North Martingale Road # 115
Schaumburg, IL 60173
(847) 330-9675

15 dollars covers venue and pot (50 / 50 split)
3:30pm sign ups
4:30pm - 10:00pm tournament
Double elimination singles tournament
Standard tournament rules---- best of three rounds, best of three games. Winners, Losers, Grand Finals best of 5 games.

Pot split is 1st 70%, 2nd 20%, and 3rd 10%

Tournament will be held upstairs in the sky bar, two wall projectors that will be showing the matches for spectators. Underage participants will be allowed to stay till 10pm, if just spectating, sorry…

Note: This needs to be run efficiently so if you are holding up the tournament, I will not hesitate to disqualify you. We are starting at 4:30-4:45 so get out there in time.


That’s pretty awesome. Chen has always been a fav of mine.

TBH The library is great. The room is great, they have a projector and everything. It’s all SD stuff, but it actually looks pretty good and there’s no lag. The only problem is that we only get like 4 hours, and it only happens once a month.

I know it seems kinda cliche at this point, but we really need to find something we can do every week at like a bar or some other venue. Around here it seems like that’s all people can do for fun is hit bars because this area is so ass haha! I’m sure a scene would really blossom if we at least had something we could do weekly. As players, we all need a lot of work (I’m including myself of course!), and I feel like a weekly something or other is where it’s at!


I don’t know if there would be a bar in this area that would be interested in letting us host. The only possibility I could think of would be Bleachers but we’d have to do it on Mondays. Does anyone have a garage we could use? Even that would be fantastic.


scottemad sup, was just there at GW last week but it was early in the week and in the afternoon so nobody was really there. I miss hanging out at GW , but on the 14th i will probably be in Virginia for work.

Manimal, nice to see more players. We usually do casuals at my place and there is ps3/360 here. Ya we got sticks for both systems as well. Ill see how things look for next weekend and maybe we can get something going for casuals. But ya finding a place to do weekly’s would be great. Mega Play seems like the best place so far that i can think of. Just a matter of them be willing to do so, i know they have been great at hosting things for DDR community.


Sounds good Neemo. I would definately be interested.


Hey neemo. I finally realized you sent me a PM lol. I heard the shoutout on the WNF stream and have been lurking the SP forums since. I’m gonna try to make it to the finals on the 14th, but it’s all up to whether or not I have to work.


Hope to see ya there man!

And yeah, Megaplay seems like a solid idea.


Guys the current save point site is going to be turned off soon , so make sure to register to the new site over at
CrossOver Gaming • Index page

Also May 7, the library is hosting a comic book event as well as an MvC3 games will be going down so head over to save point forums for more info as it becomes available.


Neemo you at least better show <3

Poster here:


I would really like to go, but I will be stuck at work. :frowning:


I don’t know where those forums are so any info you could pass on about said tournament on the 7th would be great. thanks


This is the new forum:
CrossOver Gaming • Index page

This is the info for the event on the 7th:
GameBoard :: View topic - All Things Comics Event!
This is the old forum, which was allegedly being shut down, but it is still up.


Thanks. I don’t know if I’ll make it on the 7th but I’m going to try to be out on the 14th.


Hey guys, quick reminder -

You have only 14 days left to register online for Ultimate Fighting Game Tournament 7, the Evo Qualifier taking place from May 27th through 29th in Chicago. Online registration is mandatory, and only emergency registrations will be taken on site (Thursday May 26th from 6pm to 10pm, and Friday May 27th from 9am to 11am). Emergency registrants will not been seeded by region, and will simply be placed into a bye in the bracket. If no byes remain, you will not be able to enter that game.

Hotel rooms are still only $69/night. Don’t wait until last minute to book your trip, and I’m looking forward to seeing you all this Memorial Day Weekend.