South Bend, IN/ Michiana - We finally have a scene!


Ya for sure be going to UFTG thanks for the reminder Keits! Did not know that online registrations were mandatory, nice to know. Will be registering soon as I get back home from work trip.


Shit I heard the shout out to SB in that cast too. Been looking for some people to throw down with around this area.

Looks like the library thing isn’t supporting MK9 though? To be honest I dropped MVC3 for MK9 when it came out, would love to see some love for it.


I play MK9 every now and then, its a pretty fun game.


I still want to play Street Fighter as well…


Ok since I’m all herp derp retarded to this, what do i bring with me on Sat? And what are the fees?


You bring yourself and if you have a stick you bring that. There are no fees.


k. Only have ps3 stick though


Well, you can use mine for your matches that aren’t against me lol but I use octagon gate.


Octogon gates are for little girls. haha j/k , it will take some getting used to. You should just dual mod your stick and never have to worry about which system tourneys are going to be on.


If you guys can post up results/videos from this weekend that would be awesome! I will still be out of town working :frowning:


Where do you guys typically have gatherings at? I’m in Valparaiso, so south bend would def be an easier commute than to Chicago.


We ususally just do casuals at my place, but there has been tournaments at the local library recently. This Saturday will be the last one for a whiles. It is the South Bend main library in downtown south bend.


On a quick side note, you forgot to post the location on the SRK front page for our Save Point dealio.


Reminder guys, this weekend is the gameworks AE tourney.


One week (7 days) left to register for the MWC Chicago replacement, UFGT7. The event runs May 27-29 and features top competition, deep payouts, and insane special events. Do not wait until the last minute. Go to Ultimate Fighting Game Tournament | May 27-29, 2011 ? Chicago, IL to register and read about emergency registration rules and hours.


Hey I just wanted to say that I had a great time today at the tournament. I didn’t know what to expect because I have never been to a tournament, but I thought it was ran very well. And honestly I was quite shocked to get to loser’s finals. We have some great players around here.


Yeah, glad you could join us! You and Nova both brought it, in fact it was you and Nova that knocked me out! Excellent work from the new blood! Wish I could have recorded Winner’s finals but I was playing my match I guess.




Thanx for the update, so how did bryan end up doing?


He didn’t show up. :frowning:


Any info you could give me on dual modding my arcade stick would be much appreciated. I borrowed B’s WWE All-Star stick the whole tournament. The buttons are different on it than a normal stick so i had to waste 2 minutes before each match setting the buttons.