South Bend, IN/ Michiana - We finally have a scene!


Only three days remain to pre-register for Ultimate Fighting Game Tournament 7, being held May 27th through 29th in Chicago IL. Those that pre-register will save money, and will have early access to their pool assignments! Thats right, early next week, you’ll be able to check your pool assignments online to see what time you play, who is in your pool, and to make sure that everything was entered correctly on our end (no missing games, no overlapping pools).

Head over to the website to register, and we’ll see you in a week and a half in Chicago!


I will be having a casual gaming/practice night this weekend (saturday night) at my place. Have some different set ups so byoc and byob. I will pm my address if you’re interested. Also reply if you plan on going to UFTG maybe we can carpool and whatnot.


yeah I’d be interested Neemo. I work til 7 that night. How late do you guys go?


Well, last time we did casuals, ALKEMIST and I stayed up until about 5:30 AM training haha!


Ya we play till whenever.


I’ma try to drag my buddy Jay along, if he comes I’ll probably bring my setup.


Ok cool. PM me the address and I’ll show up after work.


Pm sent.


1 day left to register!

Register | Ultimate Fighting Game Tournament

I am in for MvC3, SSF4, and MK. Carpool with us!


Andy, send B a message on XBL about tommorow. I would but my xbl gold is down right now. I had already told him about it earlier in the week and he wanted to come out but just wanted to remind him.


B is my friend on facebook so i’ll message him. Andy I’d go to UFGT if I could, but I gotta work all weekend.


Here are my pools and some of the noteworthy players within them (as far as I know lol):

MvC3 D (Keits)
SSF4 B (DSP, fLoE, JWONG, UVG Noel Brown)
MK9 C (fLoE)

Should be interesting.


Lol your SSF4 pool is stacked, looks like you’ll be on the stream again! Brian is in pool G for MvC3 I will probably have to do emergency registration :frowning:


Oh god I didn’t even think about the stream… lol!


That’s pretty rough bro. Hopefully you do well enough. I won’t be able to watch live but I’ll just watch the video on the channel.


Oh snap! Plasma Beam assist climbs the tier list! :smiley:


Ya seen that!


Just a heads up I plan on having another game night session, within next couple of weeks. Ill be out of town all of this week so within 2 weeks most likely. Ill post up more info when i get back home. Hope to have more of you guys over next time!


Hey Guys. I’m In Niles, over in Michigan, which is only a stone’s throw away from South Bend. You guys got a venue or a place you meet at when you play?


Usually just do casuals over at my place, and there is usually a monthly tourny at the downtown South Bend library for MvC3. Manimal here is also from Niles. You should definitely come out to our next casual.