South Bend, IN/ Michiana - We finally have a scene!


The Tournament you’re talking about, that’s Save Point, right? The one where they give prizes for like, Bestbuy and Fight Sticks and stuff?

And sure, next time you guys have casuals, hit me up!


This thread needs more bacon.

And activity.


Ya its save point i dont think they give out prizes though. Ya ill be having a casual night again when i get back home from my work trip.


I talked to my friend Dwight about it, He says that during Save Point Casuals, the most you win is a 50 Dollar Best Buy Card.
Which, is pretty good. 50 Bucks worth of free shit at Best Buy.


Ya for sure $50 of best buy stuff is always nice!


I need to get another controller anyway. Plus I saw some wicked ass gaming glasses.


Yeah, check us out at as well man!


Huh. Well that certainly makes it easier to communicate.


That’s pretty much the place to go to figure out the when/where sorts of things at least. :slight_smile:


Yeah I’m from Niles too. Off of Bertrand. Yeah let me know about casuals. If I’m not slaving away at the pizza joint, I’ll be there. I will be at Save Point this Saturday as well.


I’ll be at Save Point this saturday also, but I haven’t been practicing MvC3 at all since UFGT, and AE comes out tomorrow soooo… I doubt I will get any practice in before Saturday really lol.


Ya me to just got into town tonight and have alot of stuff to still get done around here. My stick feels foreign lol. Ill know by tommorow if ill be in town this weekend or not, if i am i will be save point as well.


I’m sure you’ll all be set by then. And AE Will let you rest at some point, I’m sure~ Just remember to get in a daily amount of 1 Hour’s practice. You’ll be stylin’ in no time.

Also, do you guys know Dwight? They were saying he was really dominating it before.


Ya I know dwight cool dude. I play mvc3 with him every now and then, I dont think he has ssf4 anymore.


No, But James does. Anyway they were saying he smashed through most everyone in that game, so we go to a friend’s house and play. We played 10 games, and I won 8 of 'em. So we’ll see how the tournament goes this weekend~


I think you might be pleasantly surprised at the competition that has been assimilated into Save Point over the last couple months. :slight_smile:


Dont know what competition was like before season 11 as the scene has grown exponentially in just the last couple of months, and the competition just seems to get better everytime.


Well, in two days, we’ll know for certain about the combat ability of everyone involved. You can count on it~


Well Guys, I think it’s safe to say that Mr. Moo and I will have one hell of a competition next month. Second place is pretty damn good, eh?


Ya great job man! Congrats, awesome match.