South Carolina Statewide Tourney

Ive been here for 7 months now and I havent seen a tourney here yet.

August 23, 2008
SMP’s Place.
575 Truman Drive
Goose Creek, SC 29445

Tekken 5: DR $5.00
Soul Calibur 4 $5.00
Marvel vs Capcom 2 $5.00
Capcom vs SNK 2 $5.00
(5th game TBA)

This was mainly to give a reason for upstate South Carolina players to come down and game with the Charleston area players. However, this is also an opportunity for me to see what players in this area are really all about. Theres gonna be food… drinks… and lots of good times.

ATL, NC, FL, VA, and whoever else wants to come are more than welcome to. I dont expect a huge turnout/huge pay out, but if you just want a weekend to get away, get some games, and win a bit of cash then come on over.

If your coming please post up and let me know so i can get an accurate estimate of how much food/drinks/etc I should be looking at getting.

I’m down!!!

hey bro, do you think we’ll have time to do some super turbo?

If I don’t go to ATL the weekend before this, I’ll come. I’ll keep ya posted.

im pretty sure we can get some ST in…

I am down. I am going to hit up as many people around here that I can to see who else is down

get HYPE!!!

*(5th game TBA) *

Guil-ty GEAR!
Guil-ty GEAR!


hmmmm guilty gear or 3rd strikes?..

200 miles away from greenville depending on the prizes i would come down for this is it all going to be on console?

smash for the 5th game

Smash sucks :stuck_out_tongue: Why not have both Jermaine? There won’t be a whole bunch of people so it shouldn’t take long at all to run both of them.

Btw, I am coming to take CVS2 bwahahahaha definitely kidding