South Central Los Angeles SSF4 Casuals

Hey guys the names Peter, been playing S/SF4 for a while now. Been going to some events here and there and i’ve met some pretty cool people. But mostly ALOT of time on PSN (NEK-romantik), finally decided to start playing offline more. And get deeper involved in the local SF scene, so I figured i’d toss the idea out about opening my home for SSF4 casual sessions in South L.A seeing as the other casual spots are an hour drive or more away from me. So i’m posting this thread up to test this idea out, get some feedback, and hopefully spark some interest from players near or around South Los Angeles.

I’d have to get some players to possibly help out with setups, there are 2 tv’s a lag free HD and a standard tv, the house has plenty of space to accommodate the setups and plenty of players.
Not sure how the details would work, but if enough players are interested in the idea I was thinking about weekly SSF4 casuals on either Fridays or Saturdays starting around 2PM until everyone decides to leave. And depending on the player turnout, possibly just having a donation jar just to help pay for the electricity.

So any suggestions, help, interest, questions, and feedback on the idea feel free to PM me or post on here. I’ll be checking up on this often. Or feel free to text me @ (323)228-3636
IF POSSIBLE I was hoping to start as soon as this Friday or Saturday. SO LETS MAKE THIS HAPPEN GUYS!:bgrin:
I’ll be giving out the address threw PM’s or Text.

Thanks for reading this ridiculously long post, & hope to hear from you guys.

So i’ve had a few players text me with interest to this idea, so hopefully I can get this going. If any more players around the area are interested feel free to text me, or post on here… cause it looks empty like no ones interested haha… TRYING to hold the first one this Saturday, to test it out. So c’mon guys lets make this happen. I need a few more players. Post on here or text me I guess… [Thread could benefit from some posts :))] Just saying… anyways hope to hear from a few more.

maybe not this saturday but i might go to one eventually

how close is it to the 110?

Hey there, the 110 Slauson exit is like two blocks from my house. So it’s very close. And sure if more people are into the idea and would like to get this started i’ll try to make it a weekly thing. If not enough people show interest, probably make it a bi weekly if that. Thanks for the post though, everyone seems to be sticking with just texting me hahah.

im down, i live at la brea n adams

Hey there, well if you see this early just send me a PM on here or send me a text so that I may give you the info and address.
And if anyone else would like to join in on the casuals today just send me a pm or text as well. Along with some info of yourself, and i’ll most likely send you the address. Currently have at least 5 players coming down, for the first one. And thankfully having help with the setups, so it should be good. You’ll need to bring your own controller or stick for either ps3 or 360.

Any last min players want to come down and join in on the casuals? PM or Text me. Should be decent.

is it near USC campus at all/koreatown?

When do you plan to have your next session?

Yeah it’s not that far from USC, it’s by Slauson & Broadway. Not many SSF4 players nearby interested in this so far, but i’ll still try to get something going. Tried to hold one last Saturday and had 3 players show up haha, lots of last min flakes. PM me or Text my number if you are up for some SSF4 casuals.

I am actually thinking of trying to hold one this Saturday again [If more players show interest] from around 2pm to whenever players feel like leaving, last one had lots of last min flakes. I really just want to play some SSF4 casuals with at least a few different players, looking to level up my game. So same goes to you, PM or Text me if you’d like to have some SSF4 casuals as well.

And if more players read this, they should consider trying to come down here for a fun night of SSF4 casuals. Also still looking for people willing to help with the setups. So don’t hesitate to PM me on here or Text me at (323)228-3636 with ideas, interest, questions or offers to help. Cell is always on.
This Saturday from 2pm-?? c’mon guys help me get these SSF4 get togethers going in South L.A!

A piece of advice, even if people dont show up for a while, keep hosting.

As soon as people see that its a nice place slowly more and more will want to go.

Can’t come this weekend maybe next, really close casual for me though!

Any interest in some casuals this Saturday guys? A little last min but, thought i’d post up again and try to get something going Sat Dec,11.
Post up on here if your down for some casuals. or Text. Trying to see how many would likely show up, to many last min flakes for the last two attempts.

Anyways let me know guys, hopefully more SRK members see this and decide to come.

What time on Saturday? The MvC3 party is earlier in the day.

Not sure, I always just say 2-?? … what MvC3 party are you talking about? The MvC3 themed food thing? hahah …
I’ll see if a few players are down for casuals, if not many i’ll just try next week again hahah.

Im down to play anytime any day. Hit me up 313.587.9517

Yo i live in park la brea on west 3rd street directly across from the grove. Im down to play whenever u guys are just call me or text me and let me know when ur free. My name is Mike and i go by WolfGang so hit me up whenever. I look forward to meeting and learning from you guys.

Yo guys, anyone else down for some casuals today? PM or Text me @ (323)228-3636 for directions. Need some comp!..

Yo is there internet here?

Sorry man I was too exhausted today. I swear I’ll try to make it down at some point.

Hey Guys,
I’m visiting from Philly, anything going on this week?