South Central (YES! SOUTH CENTRAL) LA/Athens Area casuals

I am reachin out again. Looking to start a small scene or recruit a team of killers. I know you are out there. Just let me know you are out there. Am I the only GDLK in the hood? I do casuals at my spot, but I am looking for an excuse to use my uncle’s spacious warehouse for a venue. I am an old school player who decided to embrace the community after so many years of watching on the sideline.

@GetBetterGaming @label829

**Show me you are out there.

Never heard of you but I am down to play some games.


MVC3 mostly. I can’t mess with SSF4. AE broke my heart.

Just tired of dominating my brother and friends. Looking to level up.

then lets gets some practice in on xbox live. simon phoenixxx is the gt.

Let me know when you all are playing. PM me your location information.

is it your house or do you have a store or something?

I am looking for live casuals. If you want to play online…PSN… ninjabeezy. THAT IS WHAT I PLAY ON. Local players, I am trying to coordinate a nice set of casual meetups to fight. IGT, you seem interested. I am gonna watch WWE PPV today and probably play. The PPV starts at 5:00 but I will probably start at about 4:20.

Im down.

get at me. i’m in compton. i play pretty much everything. prefer to play sf4ae and 3s but i dabbled in marvel before i realized it sucked balls. mss 10 more years babee

I wanna do a meetup, with prospective players. I will buy lunch and feel you out. This is the hood. I don’t need to get murked. I am trying to build a local community. Any thoughts?

what happened to you?


yo what up tiger. Im interested in some casuals nothing like Live Competition. Im in compton and me and my others boys play. If theres some neutral place or dungeon garage we can get together and throw down. tired of busting missions all over south bay to get some decent competition.

where at in compton? i live near 131st/wilmington

Wow you guys are close to me. Let me know whats good and when.

I’m down. I stay by 36thst and western. Only have a 360 stick though… My bro is good too, he would probably go.

I have a ps3 stick and that’s about it. I recently moved back in with my parents so I don’t have a system anymore. I used to always have a housemate who either had an xbox or a ps3. If you guys ever get something going feel free to hit me up
I might be able to host something if you guys have a system we can use.

What’s up guys. I’m out on 110th, are you guys meeting up regularly? I’d be down to meet up just PM me.