South Coast Ma (New Bedford/Darthmouth/Fall River/Acushnet)

Hey gang, I’m new to the area and wasn’t sure if there was a scene in this region. I see plenty for Boston, Framingham, but none for southern MA. If there isn’t a thread for this area then I’ll keep this one up. I mainly play MvC3 pretty heavily and dabble in Street Fighter and MK9. Reply if you’d like to get together at some point. I’m in Acushnet. - We’re baaaaaack!

Thanks Fall, I’ll keep an eye on that thread for any news. I’m trying to find players maybe a little close than Providence but will for sure be heading your way as well as Boston for some fun. I’ll keep this one up for South East MA in case some new guys stumble across here. Thanks again.

What is your gt?

on 360 is AwsmAccntName

o cool u live in acushnet…i live right in dartmouth near the dartmouth mall

fun, we’ll have to get together some time. what do you like to play?

just street fighter n mk9 not rlly into marvel n i would love to try out other games

i dabble in both of those, not at competition level but i can practice. i’m a scrubby ken player. kara throws are teh best!