South FL grind time sf4 results

singles sf4:

1: flash metroid
2: dr. chaos
3: jo grey
4: ssj2jeff
5: zerog
5: big5
7: arturo
7: hunter
9: hyperblast
9: shusty
9: alex garving
9: leland
13: eish
13: tajh
13: jc
13: glitch
17: eric
17: lufus
17: blitzbeater
17: nestor
17: jose
17: alex e
17: kc
25: czizzle

2v2 teams sf4

dr.chaos/ jo grey
arturo/flash metroid

-Orlando, ty for not bitching out lol. good games to all of you guys, hope you guys enjoyed yourselfs.

-dr.chaos, thnx for coming and gracing us with that ken hotness in Sfl. Hope you enjoyed your stay at zp/vaughns house/dennys

-GPX came through with all the LCDs n ps3, really appreciate you guys coming even though you guys went to some blizzard up north ;p

-thanks for everyone that came. I seen alot of new faces, good games to all of you and hope to see/play with you guys again. Also for all the regular sfl players, ty for showing support!

pretty sure dnyc3 will post some info on the next one, whenever he gets around to it.

Good games everyone. See you next time. Also, what is the address for the stream?

as i thought metroid would win lol

ggs, tourney was fun as hell. alot of hype matches and good footage comin out of this one.

Yo Andrew commentating was too good :tup: Except for when he was all over Peter and Chaos’s dick.

Thanks to Leland, Torrin, DAMASTA (and the other guy?) for showing up :tup:
Blitz, we love you man. And I’ll be the first one here to believe you can get those links at home; maybe it’s the pressure from all the fa gs that make fun of you that is causing you to drop 'em like you did :tdown:
Chaos for coming down to hang with us :tup:

In other news? Dwayne announced the next one he’s inviting 3 New York players one of 'em being Sanford.

OMG you failed me Chaos ~.~

ggs to everyone that came, we are committed to helping this community grow as much as possible, I know we are all over internationally working on our events, I will do my best to make our company, resources and myself more available to my local community.

I told Dnyc3 I would sponsor bringing out 3 players from New York for the next one. So yes, Sanford “Santhrax” Kelly, Andre “Jago” Lambert" and Kevin “Dieminion” Landon.

it was a lot of fun 2 ZP and Andrew on the mic was hilarious - you might have to do some of that for us sometime. Too hype…