South Florida Brawl Miami MVC3 SSF4 Feb 26


We will be Hosting our first MvC 3 tournament with a Bonus pot to it,in south Florida, alongside SSF4, this is a BYOC tournament (brign your own controller), nobody is going to be obligated to lend you one

Venue: Final Round Arcade, at the Mall of the Americas on Flagler Street next to the movie theaters.

Venue Fee- 5$ gets you access to free play for MvC 3 and SSF4 all day Saturday

Tournaments: Sing ups start at 12:30 pm For both games MvC3 and SSF4

**Mavel vs Capcom 3!! **Start Time 2pm (note this is the targeted start time, but once started WARNING! I will not accept any late entrys. due to conflicting brackets)

we have been waiting 10 years since MvC2 for the new vs game and here it is!!!

Entry Fee- 5$ per players that (if we get more than 35 ppl we will add 50$ bonus to the winner)

Rules: 2 out of 3 Matches winner stays with the same characters,
X BOX 360 only tournament

     Grand Finals, 3 out of 5 Set, looser must win two 3 out of 5 sets

Super Street Fighter 4: **Start Time 4:30 pm ( i will start this also when we reach top 6 or so for MvC 3)

Rules: 2 out of 3 matches Winner keeps same characters XBOX 360 only tournament

     Grand Finals 3 out of 5 sets, looser must win two 3 out of 5 sets


Final Round Arcade, will have Xbox 360 pads and arcade sticks in the venue, for PS3 users who would still like to attend ( we dont have any PS3 set ups) I will talk to Angel and see if we can set up a PS3 station for ps2 3 players to play casuals on, but we will not run any tournament on PS3

Rules about tournament: once your name has been called for a match you will have a grace period of about 2-3 minutes to get to your station, if your name is called more then 3 times and your a no show, you will either be disqualafied or put in losers bracket, NO REFUNDS!

Note~~ NO rude behavior will be tolerated at the venue, if your rude violent or obnoxious… you will be kindly asked to exit the venue, NO REFUND!
REMINDER!** we need to make our targeted Entries or 35+ ppl so we
can give you the bonus, Depending on the turnout we will be running more tournaments in the future with even bigger Bonuses!! so support us

I pay a Litte Different, instead of the Traditional 70-20-10$% , I will be paying 60-25-15$%
1st = 60% of the pot
2nd = 25% of the pot
3rd = 15% of the pot*

this makes it so that even 3rd place gets something worthwhile, instead of just breaking even

this is not including the 50$ bonus for first place asumin we get our targeted crowd
STAY tuned for UPDATES!!!**

i’ll be there

Uhh Isn’t this the same weekend as Winter Brawl guys lol. Has Florida LEARNED NOTHING lol.

Joking aside, Having BRAWL also in the name is prolly even funnier.

SERIOUSLY GUYS? NOW I CAN"T DECIDE RATHER TO DRIVE 15 MINUTES TO FINAL ROUND ARCADE OR TO FLY FOR 3 HOURS FOR WINTER BRAWL!!! IM TORN APART! (all joking aside I won’t be here because Ill be at Winter Brawl in Philly =/ )

hehe nah, this is nothing major… this is South Florida Only… im not trying to compete with no one =) but i might Think about thinking, to change the name =)

Not going to this, but the misspelling issues were bothering the hell out of me…goodluck with the event!!! If you got a stream running, I’ll definitely stream monster it up!!! :tup:



I will be heading to this.When marvel drops this thread should get more traffic.

Yep… we gona get some MvC 3 Hype in there