South Florida Clash of Champions 2 April 16 2011

South Florida Clash of Champions 2

At Final Round Arcade, at the mall of the Americas
(305) 261-8772 (mall number)

7795 W Flagler St
Miami, FL 33144

House Fee will be 5$, that will get you access to free play the whole day
Sign ups start at 12:30 pm, tournament will start at 2pm

MVC3 tournament (BONUS to the Pot if 35+ people show up)

Entry fee is 10$

Tournament rules are:
Double elimination
2 out 3 matches
winner must keep same team, loser can change

Payout will be 60/25/15

This tournament will be ran on Xbox 360 only

NOTE: once the tournament has started I will not be accepting anymore entries
(no exceptions)

NOTE: once the tournament HAS started there will be no Refunds (even if you have to leave)

NOTE: no rude behavior will be tolerated at the venue please be Friendly to others

NOTE: we must get more than 35 people for the bonus to be awarded to the top 3 payees

I will start a SSF4 interest list while we are there if we get more than 16 people for it will will run it** stay tuned for updates

I’ll head there if you guys decide to do a SSF4 tournament.

bad timing, o-s has this date already