South Florida Clash of Champions MvC3 SSF4 2/26/11



(305) 261-8772 (Mall number) for questions about tourney PM me

7795 W Flagler St
Miami, FL 33144

We will be Hosting our first MvC 3 tournament with a Bonus pot to it,in south Florida, alongside SSF4, this is a BYOC tournament (bring your own controller), nobody is going to be obligated to lend you one

Venue: Final Round Arcade, at the Mall of the Americas on Flagler Street next to the movie theaters.

Venue Fee- 5$ gets you access to free play for MvC 3 and SSF4 all day Saturday

Tournaments: sign ups start at 12:30 pm For both games MvC3 and SSF4

**Marvel vs Capcom 3!! **Start Time 2pm (note this is the targeted start time, but once started WARNING! I will not accept any late entry s. due to conflicting brackets)

we have been waiting 10 years since MvC2 for the new vs game and here it is!!!

Entry Fee- 10$ per player (if we get more than 35 ppl we will add 50$ bonus to the winner)

Rules: 2 out of 3 Matches winner stays with the same characters,
X BOX 360 only tournament

     Grand Finals, 3 out of 5 Set, looser must win two 3 out of 5 sets

Super Street Fighter 4: **Start Time 4:30 pm, targeted start time ( i will start this also when we reach top 6 or so for MvC 3)

Rules: 2 out of 3 matches Winner keeps same characters XBOX 360 only tournament

     Grand Finals 3 out of 5 sets, looser must win two 3 out of 5 sets


Final Round Arcade, will have Xbox 360 pads and arcade sticks in the venue, for PS3 users who would still like to attend ( we don’t have any PS3 set ups) I will talk to Angel and see if we can set up a PS3 station for PS3 players to play casuals on, but we will not run any tournament on PS3

Rules about tournament: once your name has been called for a match you will have a grace period of about 2-3 minutes to get to your station, if your name is called more then 3 times and your a no show, you will either be disqualified or put in losers bracket, NO REFUNDS!

Note~~ NO rude behavior will be tolerated at the venue, if your rude violent or obnoxious… you will be kindly asked to exit the venue, NO REFUND!
REMINDER!** we need to make our targeted Entries or 35+ ppl so we
can give you the bonus, Depending on the turnout we will be running more tournaments in the future with even bigger Bonuses!!

I pay a Little Different, instead of the Traditional 70-20-10$% , I will be paying 60-25-15$%
1st = 60% of the pot
2nd = 25% of the pot
3rd = 15% of the pot*

this makes it so that even 3rd place gets something worthwhile, instead of just breaking even

this is not including the 50$ bonus for first place assuming we get our targeted crowd
STAY tuned for UPDATES!!!**

**UPDATE Due to HYPE for MVC3 all Bonus will be given towards MvC3 winners
**Example on pay outs , if we get 50 people… that’s a pot of 500$ (all entry fees will be giving back to players 100%)

so if we get 500$ pot that’s

1st= 300$ +50$ Bonus
2nd= 125$ +30$ Bonus
3rd= 75$ + 20$ Bonus**


Is this event still happening?

If so, I’d really like to attend.


safe to assume only mvc3 is being played


yea thats why im going to do MvC 3 first. so in case we get little competitors for SSF4 we can call it a day please tell your friends spread the word the more ppl the more money in the pot

but its defenetly happening… i just had to change the name from Brawl


What’s attendance going to look like?

Is it going to be just a small tournament or is it worth driving half a state to?

Thanks in advance


I’m sure there’s going to be plenty of competition for Marvel as the game is new and everyones on that shit.

I’ll be entering only Super cause I hate Marvel but I’m sure a lot of Marvel people will be entering both.


well im estimating at least (minimum 30+ ppl) im hoping to get 50 maybe you can bring some friends to help out that cause =) … Depending on the turnout… were going to be hosting more tournaments with bigger bonuses.

spread the word


I would go, but I don’t have any 360 sticks :frowning:


you can bring your controller or you can use the house set up which has to arcade sticks for use if you don’t have1


Why’s there no bonus pot for Super anymore?


the bonus was going to be split between the 2… which was 100$ 50$/50$

and it wasn’t really gonna be worth it… since maybe were gonna get 3-1 ratio MvC3 favor… but I talked to Angel… and if we get the right amount of ppl… well throw something in there for SSF4 as well ( we just can’t add a bonus for 17 ppl tourney)

so since were anticipating more then 17 for marvel we will give it to that…

17 is just a example number btw =p


It makes sense if you didn’t hit the criteria for the bonus, but what if 35 people do sign up for Super?


if we hit a GOOD amount of ppl for each tournament well split it… but if its like 34 ppl marvel and 12 super we cant or vice versa