South Florida Showdown Results - 6/26-6/27


Super Street Fighter 4 Singles (52 Entrants)

1 Arturo “sabin” Sanchez (EMP) Queens, NY $539.00 (Rose, Seth, Sim)
2 Peter “Flash Metroid” Susini (EMP) Miami, FL $154.00 (Viper, Balrog)
3 Job - Mia $77.00 (Cammy, Rose)
4 Alex Narvarro (Rufus)
5 Angel (Rose, Sim)
5 Alex C.

Super Street Fighter 4 Teams (3v3)

1 On Blast (Sabin, Flash 2 man team) $364.00
2 Final Round (Nelson, Alex Navarro, Tony) $104.00
3 Flash Fans $52.00
4 Puneta
5 Team Showdown
7 Broke Phi Broke
7 We get money
9 Vapor X

SF2: HD Remix

1 Arturo “sabin” Sanchez (EMP) Queens, NY (Sim) $38.00
2 Maverick (Guile/Bison) $11.00
3 Alex Narvarro $5.00
4 Angel
5 Andrew Quintero
5 Kenneth
7 DMG Atrocity
7 Donovan B
9 Albert “Fightclubnearu” Miami, FL
9 Steven Nunez
13 Face

SF4: Random Select tournament

1 Peter “Flash Metroid” Susini (EMP) Miami, FL $63.00
2 Alex C. $18.00
3 Job - Mia $9.00
4 Harold E
5 Alex Narvarro
5 Will R
7 Arturo “sabin” Sanchez (EMP) Queens, NY
7 DMG Atrocity
9 Arsenio
9 Iggy - Mia
9 Leland “L3land” Miller Orlando, FL
13 Danny - MIA
13 Donovan B
13 Face
13 Wilmer - MIA
17 Carlos - MIA
17 Luis Pinto

Capcom vs SNK 2

1 Arturo “sabin” Sanchez (EMP) Queens, NY $38.00
2 Alex Narvarro $11.00
3 Peter “Flash Metroid” Susini (EMP) Miami, FL $5.00
4 Job - Mia
5 Andrew Quintero
5 Rick S
7 Angel
7 Richel “zeroG” Hernandez Miami, FL
9 Emer - MIA
9 Face
13 Steven Nunez

Street Fighter Alpha 2
(sorry, I don’t have the results for this)

Thank you to Angel Mateo, Nelson Santamaria and Alex Navarro of Final Round Arcade for flying Sabin down to this event. :slight_smile:


Had a great time at this event!


Thanks for posting the results. I just moved and didn’t have Internet until today. Thanks to everyone that came and supported the tornament. Special thanks to Angel and Nelson for providing a great arcade for south FL and for helping bring great talent such as Aturo Sanchez to compete with our own talent, Flash. It was great seeing u again Art. Art and Flash gave us a great final between, what I believe, are two of the top 5 players in the US for SSF4 at this time. Thanks again to all of the out of town guys that made it down to the event. I hope you all had a great time and felt welcome. Final Round has big plans for upcoming events such as the South Fl Challenge which will bring down more big names, bigger crowds, a stream, and many other extras.

Alpha 2 results:

  1. Flash- Rolento
  2. Alex N- Charlie
  3. DNYC- Rolento



Thanks for having me Alex, it was a great event. Just wish more people came to support. We’ll be seeing you in a few months Alex so I’ll be sure to keep in touch.


Good shit on your wins Sabin, happy to see CVS2 making it’s way back into tourneys again.


wtf maverik!


Since Sabin had won this tournament, does this mean he and a couple of the other EMP members are going to Evo 2010?


Extremely Well run tournament and awesome environment. Thanks for putting everything on freeplay! GGS to everyone I played. Looking forward to seeing flash and art on the evo stream and hopefully getting more casuals in next time!

Harold E, aka Remora aka Tampa’s Viper