South Jersey KoF 13 Casuals


Was wondering if anyone in south jersey would like to get some KoF 13 sessions going? I play other stuff like Marvel and SF4, but I just got into KoF after Evo. Playing online can only get me so far, especially with how this game handles online lol. Right now i’m in Woodbury, but will be in Glassboro at Rowan University in September, but I’m willing to travel if the destination isn’t too far away. I also wouldnt mind hosting


Myself and a few people in the Millville/Vineland area play AE and marvel 3, but I don’t think any of us have KoF. I’ve wanted to get into KoF but just haven’t cared enough to buy it just yet. I’m about 35 minutes from Rowan.


Millville Vineland you say? Never realized anyone here plays( I live in Vineland) would def be interested to get up with you guys. I have a copy of KOF but don’t plat at all because none of my friends play fgs and the online sucks. I pretty much just play Marvel, am interested in P4A and would love to learn and play KOF with real people. Oh and to the original poster, I work in Deptford so I’m right near you as well :slight_smile:


There’s a solid player that goes by Shakugan that lives in Vineland, and there’s me on Centerton in Upper Deerfield but I’m moving away in a week. Nerd Palace in Absecon has sessions every Monday night with a lot of okay players and whatever games people want to play.


I’m interested in whatever games played.


Thanks for all the replies everyone. I had amost forgotten about this thread since its hard finding anyone interested in KoF lol. I still play it, even though I still have to suffer with online lol.

Masamune: If you ever wanna come over to my house and play some KoF, hit me up. I’ll let you know where I live if your interested and you work so close. Just gimme a PM. I also play SF4 AE and Marvel as well so we could play those too if you want. I definitely know how it feels to have none of your friends play fighters, its a pain in the ass having to always play online.

TheFragile: I wouldnt mind coming up and playing with you and your friends sometime. I could bring KoF with me and you guys could give it a shot. I play Marvel and AE as well so I’m cool with whatever. I’m always looking to play people irl since offline is pretty much a no-go in my area. Just PM me if you think I could play with you guys.

Who knows, maybe we could all meet up and play sometime.


Sorry I havent been on this section to check this in awhile, But yeah as soon as I get my stick in the mail we can def set something up. My Hori stick took a shit on me and I finally found a Qanba for a good price, so Im itching to start playing again. Def down for some Marvel and KOF(although Im a complete noob in KOF), and will be getting TTT2 as soon as it comes out.


Thats cool, just let me know when you get it and we can set something up.