South Jersey Tournament


Hey all, me and my friends are thinking about putting together a casual tournament in South Jersey. The tournament will be held in either Barnegat, NJ or Toms River, NJ depending on the amount of competitors. Right now we are working out the details. Here’s what I have so far

We will be holding an STHD and SF4 tournament. Buy in will be either 15$ or 20$ per an event

Tournament will most likely be held in late March or early April. It will done on a Saturday around noon or 1p.m. As soon as I have an exact date I will update the thread. (Sorry I’m not sure about the date. I’m in law school and I don’t know what my schedule will be like until like a week beforehand.)

I’m not sure on the payout schedule but it will look something like this.

the remaining 10% will go to the venue that is allowing us to play there.

The tournament will be held on PS3 so bring your joysticks if you have them. If you don’t have a joystick regular Dual shock 3’s will be provided.

Single Elimination, Best of 3 matches (both events)
Seeding will be random at this point. (If we have more tournaments we will go by previous records.)
No turbo!
Button Mapping is O.K.
The Standard tournament rules apply. (No blocking view, If you don’t show up for a match you forfeit, pausing during matches is an automatic loss of round, Winner of Match cannot switch character- loser can, etc.)

Everyone is welcome to play and I hope that this will be the first in a series of South Jersey tournaments.
Also please post or email me at for all questions and pre-reg

Finally, this is my first tournament that I am organizing so if i missed anything please let me know.

Thanks a lot and I hope to see you all there


Sounds good man. You can count on 2 people showing up if this thing goes down. If I could make a suggestion: March 28 there is a tournament at TCNJ and there is a smaller one in West Long Branch that same weekend, so the last weekend of March may not be so good.


Yeah im doing the small one in long branch but if it aint the same day my "posse"will def come through toms river is close so…good luck lets do this


I’m down for this shit.